Barn Timberframing + Tom Cruise

Almost exactly one year ago Mr. A was Bringing Down The Barn on our property. It also happened to be one of my very first blog posts ever. A year later so many things have already changed. The garden is expanded, fruit trees are in, and it’s no longer weird not having that old blue barn. In fact with the way mother nature gently restores things, you would never know there had ever been a barn to begin with.

This year as we start the new barn the days aren’t as warm as they seemed to have been last year, we most definitely haven’t had a single mosquito yet, and there is a lot more snow on the ground still.  We did however have an unexpected guest stop in to help out with construction. (more…)

Framing the Field

We have this really pretty hayfield out back of our house which I completely love. I love sitting and staring at it while the dogs romp. I love walking in it. I love helping to hay it. Sometimes I wish I could frame it.  I don’t love the ticks but hey, it’s the country – you live with it and check often. That country song about checking for ticks is like a PSA for country living.

So when I saw this gorgeous wedding idea from a beautiful Montana wedding I quite literally gasped in awe.

(I lost the link to where this is from, maybe Style Me Pretty?)

Despite being someone who sort of stands there and scratches her head at all things wedding, I *knew* I wanted this frame wall to desperately be part of my wedding, and it’s a DIY project – obviously I’m in. (more…)

Wedding Confession

I have a confession to make.

I don’t like planning large events. This includes my very own wedding.  There, I said it – I genuinely have a distaste for all the nitty gritty that goes into these events. Wedding binder? Not a chance. Wedding magazines? More like Living The Country Life and Grit.

It’s just not my thing. All the DIY projects are definitely my thing, but the rest of it? No thanks.

I’d like to think it’s  rather comical to watch me attempt this feat. I’m so out of my element. (more…)

Revealed: Poplar + Cherry Bookshelf

I’m excited. I’m really excited. Not that getting me really excited is particularly hard but go with me on it. Mr. A finished the Poplar + Cherry Bookshelf I wrote about earlier.

Let’s start here. This was one of our old bookshelves. Yes, I’m serious. Yes, it took less about 10 minutes to build. I decided that instead of firewood it should become a boot holder. It will be firewood soon though, once winter is over. Thankfully Mr. A decided we needed a new bookshelf, a real one. It so does not fit into our house. It will fit into our house once it’s done, but right now it just makes the rest of it look bad. Not that it’s particularly hard to achieve.