The Hunt For The…October Snowstorm? What the ….

In case you hadn’t heard, we got hit by a snowstorm this last weekend.

Let me remind you this was an October snowstorm. Yes, you are seeing orange, yellow and red on those trees.

You know, the ones covered in thick snow?

Here in Maine, we’re used to snow. However that said, snow before Halloween is admittedly a little weird.

Flurries are not weird.

We’re talking snow.

We got about 8″-10″ where I live, and lost power for about 24 hours. It wasn’t even done snowing when this photo was taken.

You should be aware immediately that me + camera = lots of photos.

Me + Camera + No Power = insane amount of photos.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have anything out on the clothesline. Talk about stiff jeans.

The over dried  garlic for next year was all, “what the frig-a-tron?”

The trees were all, “way to ease into it buddy” in their sarcastic tone. It’s a little known fact that trees get super sarcastic the closer to winter it is. They’re pretty tired and ready for a long nap at that point. Admit it, you get slightly irritable and sarcastic too when you’re over tired.

No? Just me?


Let’s just note again the upper left hand of this photo.


And at a step or twelvehundred back.

You may be taking this as me complaining. You are sadly mistaken. I was outside in full winter garb at 7am laying in the snow, eating it, making snow angels and playing snow ball with the dogs.

This was snow ball snow people. Not fluffy snow. This was wet wonderful snow.

I need to stress that I love when it’s snowing out. I am that person in Maine. The one who loves living here for so many reasons, snow being one of them. The one who still jumps up and down at the first snow fall and annoys everyone around them complaining of snow in the forecast with a big dumb grin on her face.

Let me reitterate that I also drove home in this storm, at night, on an unplowed highway without studded tires and it was slightly concerning. I was also a little super excited that we were getting as much snow as we were.

After playing outside for a while with the dogs I came indoors to dry my boots and work on my Pinterest Challenge for this week.

Sneaky Peak!

Since we had now power I also did the following:

  • Reluctantly made sauerkraut with the bunch of cabbage we had left.
  • Made a pair of mittens

  • Melted snow to wash dishes. Country girls love gas stoves.

  • Played about 1,000 rounds of ball with Winnie and Rosie. So of course, since we had no power, I took about 1,000 photos. Here are my favorites.

You see that happy face Winnie has? The super happy “please play ball with me I will love you forever if you just throw it one more time you’re the best mom in the world I love everything” face?

That’s kind of how I felt. Except I have to admit I was pretty happy to get the power back.

Happy Silver Lining {In The Snow Cloud},


Things That Haunt Me

I wrote this post about 2 weeks ago, and just noticed it today. Convenient since it’s Halloween and all. I thought I would share five things that haunt me, in no particular order.

Glad I didn’t catch this tomorrow. It might include the picture of a turkey and a scale.

1.) Scary movies.

Yes, this movie made me cry as a child and we had to leave the theater. How is Little Head not totally creepy? I remember screaming when he came on screen and bawling my eyes out. This still freaks me out.  At least I’m an adult and I know it’s all makeup. It does not negate that it’s still effed up looking. Not a fan.

I don’t do well with any sort of spooky scary movies. I saw part of  IT (the clown) on tv when I was about five. My sister, who loves scary movies, got me to watch it and laughed at me. She’s the best big sister ever. My mother was less than impressed and we got in trouble. IT (literally) did bad things for my relationships with clowns. Side note, Steven King taught my mother English in school. Weird small world.

Movies styling I do well with:



Straight Comedies.



Those last two are real, I will maintain that forever with a stubborn grin.

If it’s not meant specifically to be a slasher flick or scary I’m probably pretty good. I will give almost any comedy a chance due to my loving of laughing hysterically. Don’t you dare even bring Paranormal into my house, I’ll die inside a little.

2.) Desserts.

Ok, they only haunt my thighs.

Except it’s not really a haunting, because the results are clearly seen.

I am not complaining about this, it’s just a fact. This will not result in me eating less dessert.

3. Meat-On-A-Stick


(photo from

Not me.

Note. Not meat in stick form, like jerky.

Hotdog. Fine. Hotdog on a stick. Weird.

Exception – Chinese food beef teriyaki.

Or kabobs.

Ok, I guess it’s just really corndogs.

Something about a battered hotdog grosses me out, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying one.

Especially after I saw them made on The Pioneer Woman.

4.) Dog hair

I love my dogs. I wouldn’t give them to anyone for the world. They are my babies, my wonderful babies.

Their fur gets everywhere though, especially between summer and fall. I cannot explain this. My house is currently being invaded by dog fur. If I was so inclined I could spin fiber out of it, and then crochet a sweater.


I would never spin dog hair, nor do I know how to crochet a sweater.

The vacuum is on constant standby.

In other words – it never leaves the Common Room.

Our vaccum is a full size shop vac.

I’m very stylish in my decor.

5.) Messy socks.

Loads of white, messy socks I have impossibly tried to match up multiple times.

I would take a picture of it, but I’m not sure my camera has a lens wide angle enough. Ok, I’m lying. They are contained to a beautiful old wooden chest of decent size.

By contained I mean exploding out of the top.

How on earth did I get that many white socks, and why is there dog hair all over them?

I do not place them like this.

A monster does this.

I believe said monster looks like this.

I swear they are always folded perfectly every time I put them away.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.




P.S. Said sock monster is for sale here. This company in no way knows I exist, I just happened to google sock monster and found them – and they are terrifyingly cute. Maybe he can come live at your house for a while and stop ravaging my perfectly washed and folded socks.

I’ll even let him bring some dog hair.

Anthropologie Inspired Coasters {Sort Of}

It’s no secret that as a crafter I’m drawn to two things: Anthropologie and Pinterest. When you put these things together you get lots of inspiration, at an affordable price. Most of the time when I see an Anthropologie Inspired item, it’s trying to make a replica of something on Anthropologie. This isn’t quite that kind of post. It’s been inspired in a different way.

I was on the site a few weeks ago, scouting out a cute egg holder they had for cheap {and yes, I bought it in blue}.

While I was on there I also saw the wallpaper and swooned a little. Then I saw it. Free wallpaper samples. That were about 4×6. I have no shame in saying I ordered every. single. sample. they had. Ok, maybe I also ordered some more that weren’t there when I initially ordered them. I had to see what these looked like in person. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I was obviously going to do something with them.

They came in and I was a little bit excited. So excited in fact, that I hung them on my new reclaimed barn window board just so I could stare at them as I walked by all day. Googly Eyes.

I realized it would be fun to have these as coasters. Could it work? I mean of course it could work, but what might it look like? Hi Ho Pinterest!


Oh yes, I will do this. Thank you Pinterest.

I knew the tiles had to be cheap, and I knew mod podge would do the trick. How cheap though, and which mod podge? A trip to Home Depot proved the white tiles were .16 cents a piece. Yes, I will take 12 of them and pay under $3.00 thank you very much. I tried the Matte podge. Not hard enough. So I pulled out the big guns, using a 50% off coupon at AC Moore.

How I’ve done this certainly isn’t the only way – but it worked for me and I liked it.

First cut your paper to size. I realized the Anthropologie wallpapers weren’t quite wide enough to fit the entire tile. My first incantation of this was to use the wallpaper, and part of the label (the piece of paper it’s mounted on).  My second incantation was to center the paper and leave a small white border around two sides (you’ll see both below).

I also used some nonthropologie scrap paper, which I simply traced the tile on and cut to size.

Second, I used a sponge brush to put a thin layer of hardcoat mod podge on the tile. Mod Podging in one hand and photographing in the other, in low light, was quite the feat.

Third, lay down your paper onto the top and make sure it’s all aligned. If you’re using the Anthro wallpaper, or otherwise collaging, you can let it overlap the sides for this step. You’ll just need an exacto knife to cut the excess off. Smooth out the paper to remove any air bubbles, and make sure to let it set up for a minute or two before the next step. Once it’s set up a bit, if you have any overhang, turn the tile over on a clean surface and use the exacto knife to trim it all square and clean.

Fourth, put a thin coat of mod podge on the top of your tiles, over the paper. Make sure to do this in multiple thin coats. It will cut down on drying and cure time, and build up a hard coat which is what you want. Don’t forget to do the sides of the tile too – you need the edges of the paper sealed as well.

This is the anthro paper leaving a little bit of an edge on it.

Fifth. Wait, am I on the fifth step? I think so. Let’s go with that.

Fifth, keep on podging. Some people mention spraying the top with a hard acrylic sealer to make it last longer. At some point I will likely do this, but I want to test some of my less awesome (i.e. first ones) out first without to see if it holds up. Now, according to Mod Podge, it has to set for four weeks before it’s fully set. Try and wait the four weeks. If you can’t, at least stay away from hot drinks. It will melt that shiz since it isn’t cured yet.

Sixth. Well, I haven’t done sixth yet but I plan on it. You’ll want to put something on the bottom to keep them from scratching your surface – these are tiles after all. Some people use felt dots, I plan on going full out and gluing a felt square onto the bottom. I highly recommend this.

Once you’re done, you get these. Anthropologie inspires {sort of} coasters. C’est Magnifique indeed.

….and my favorite. The lofty larks.

The more I made these, the better they got (you know, like most things in life, practice helps). This is such an easy and fun project because it’s so customizable. I love the Pinterest found ones from above that have a white border the entire way around. You could also spray paint the tiles first if you wanted them to be a different color. If you do, just do it in a well ventilated area and again – multiple thin coats is better than one thick drippy one.

So many options. So much paper. So little time.

I might be a little obsessed with making these out of a bunch of different mediums.

So family – you might all be getting handmade coasters for Christmas.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh, and Anthropologie – thank you for the free samples {that you offer everyone}. Sorry I can’t afford the actual wallpaper by the rolls.

If I could, I’d probably make coasters out of it. You guys are awesome.

Happy Podging, Pinning, and Pining on Anthropologie,


{Anthropologie has no idea this post, or my little blog, exists. I have not been paid or perked to write this. Not my style. You can see my stance on that here}.

Whole Wheat, Butternut Squash + Prosciutto Pizza

This delicious pizza idea came from Cooking Light. Here’s my issue – I can’t follow recipes to a T. It’s just kind of my thing. If you want to see the original dish, click on over here. I’d like to apologize in advance for my slightly bluish tinted photos. My flash I normally use at night when cooking crapped the bed so there was a little tweaking that had to happen.


  • 1 Ball Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
  • 1 1/2 cup Fontina Cheese
  • 1 tbpn Dried Oregano
  • 1 cup Parmesan Cheese
  • Butternut Squash, about 15 thinly sliced rounds from the top of the squash
  • 1/2 cup Pesto
  • 1/8lb very thinly sliced Prosciutto
  • Olive oil or non-stick spray


1. Heat oven to 450

2.  Grease or spray down pizza pan so your pizza won’t stick. Any size or shape will work, but you may need to adjust cooking time. I used a regular cookie sheet.

3. Roll out dough and stretch onto pizza pan, being careful not to tear the dough. If you do, just pinch it back together – no biggie.

4. Spread Parmesan fairly evenly onto the dough. Eat some. You know you need to try it ahead of time to make sure it’s perfect.

5. Lay down the prosciutto, leaving about a 1 inch to 1/2 inch alone for the crust.

6. Make sure your pesto is very warm so it spreads easily and spread over the prosciutto. Don’t worry about getting it to even, it’s kind of delicious no matter what.

7. Over this lay down your thinly sliced butternut squash rounds. The easiest way to make these is using a mandolin, but a sharp knife and being careful will work. Obviously remove the skin of the squash before you cut it into thin rounds. They should be no more than 1/4 of an inch in order to cook. Mine were around 1/8 – almost see through. I laid three across and then about 7-8 down, and then in between each of those rows so they overlapped some.

8. Sprinkle your oregano on top of the squash. Ok ok, I put it over my Parmesan. Just put it anywhere under the final layer of cheese and you’ll be ok.

9. Put the fontina on top of your butternut squash. It might not seem like enough to cover the squash and keep it from burning but here’s the magic – the fontina will spread and become a delicious cover to the squash and it will help steam the squash to perfection.

10. Cook for 20 minutes. This was the exact perfect amount of time in my oven. Keep a close eye on it though, you don’t want the fontina to burn since it’s such a soft cheese.

Cut into slices and gobble that wonderous-spectacularness up. The photo below might look slightly soggy but it in no way was. What you’re seeing is the fontina dripping and causing an almost glaze when mixed with the oil from the pesto.

This was so easy and not time consuming at all. By using pre-made pizza dough, and pesto from our garden we froze, it was a 15 minutes of prep and 20 of cooking. I consider 35 minutes for decent and delicious dinner a success.


I love using fall foods in unique ways.

Happy Crunchy Delicious Cheesy Pizza Goodness,



Hunt For The Red October {Sunset}

I came up over the hill at the top of our road the other day and spotted the most beautiful sunset.

I did not have my camera on me.

So I got home, ran in the house, kissed the dogs, grabbed my camera, ran back to my car and chased the sunset.

I found it on the other side of the farm, on the other end of my street.

I took zero time to get out of my car.

I just sat there going back and forth between taking photos, and staring.

Staring at the ridiculous beauty that is a sunset on a cool day.

I swear they look different the closer it gets to snow weather.

Good God, I love fall sunsets in New England.

Just thought I’d share.