2013 Blog Updates and New Topics!

Hey there friends! It’s 2013 and it’s time to roll out some changes and how this blog is run. I still plan on writing to you guys 1-2 times a week, but now on different topics versus primarily house only {thank God, right?}.

Here’s a run down of the changes.

Navigation. The navigation has been updated to reflect the primary topics I’ll be posting into, as well as trying to make topics easy to find. Some of the posts fall into multiple categories, especially the oldest ones. Hopefully from here on out they will all fall into one of the categories or subcategories.

  • House and Home: This topic will be all about our house and home, surprise. I’m incredibly crafty with titles. This section will include renovations (still broken out by room), decor, organization, and D.I.Y decor/woodworking specifically for the house.
  • Homesteading: This section will include homestead specific posts (I’m on a roll) including but not limited to gardening, the farm, future animal plans, anything to do with the barn and garage, making of home cleaning products and anything I else I deem homesteady.  There are a few sub-headers to this section called “Simply Living” where I’ll post things like homemade laundry detergent, etc., “The Dooryard” which are things we do around our yard and the surrounding land and “The Farm” specifically where I’ll post about the beef cattle farm. Down the line this may include our chickens and Christmas tree farm if we decide to go that route.
  • Kitchen Mischief: This section isn’t changing. Here you’ll find the good old “Kitchen Mischief” recipes both sweet and savory, preservation and of course the now and again favorite “How to Be Classy Like Me” posts. This section admittedly won’t be posted in as much as the other ones, at least until this summer when preserving picks up.
  • Chatterbox Cafe: We all know that a good portion of the posts on here don’t really have specifically to do with either the house or homesteading, rather than just being my thoughts on items, or posts like this one. Head on over to the Chatterbox Cafe to read these types of posts. BYO Eggs and Bacon.
  • Free Designs: Technically this could fall under “House and Home” but I really wanted people to be able to find all of these things simply and easily. This category includes all of the fun free digital designs I make for you guys.

Categories {“Topics”}. Are you looking for a specific category of posts, and not necessarily something as broad as in the navigation? No problem. Take a look on the bottom right hand side of the page and you’ll see a list of all categories. Yep, there’s now a category called “dogs”. You can skip everything else and just read about the adventures in Winnie and Primrose.

In addition to the above changes, I’ll be adding in some new segments and taking away others.

  • Farm Updates: This new segment will be a once every month or two to update about the beef cattle farm up the street and will fall under the “Homesteading -> The Farm” sub-header. Mostly, this will be pictures of cows, let’s face it. Later on this may include our chickens we plan on getting, the Christmas tree farm we might plant, etc. There are a lot of ideas out there so we’ll see what happens. One step at a time.
  • Etsy Reviews: This segment will be going away. I simply don’t have time to commit to browsing Etsy regularly to show off an awesome seller on a regular basis as was my plan. If I can’t do it right, I’d rather not do it. You can still find all the old Etsy reviews under the topics sidebar.

So that’s about it! 2013 updates. Here’s to a fun new year.



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