Maybe Not So Authentic Panzanella Salad

Hey everyone,

I have been SO BUSY lately! There have been mass amounts of canning happening in our household. We put up a ton more dill pickles this weekend, and I made my first batch ever of canned tomato sauce. Delicious! I’m pretty impressed. I’m also pretty impressed with this:

Panzanella Tuscan Salad

My changes:

  • The recipe normally has red onion in it, theirs doesn’t for some reason. I used chives instead ..oh the bounty of the garden…it had to be used!
  • I make about 5458898589% more of this than their recipe. Only one tomato and 5 basil leaves? My garden demands I use far more or it will go into rebellion mode.
  • DO NOT toast the bread. Use a stale bread, that’s really the whole point of this. Using ends up that you have around. It really needs to be a crusty harder bread so it doesn’t get too soft. Don’t use croutons. Please. Plllleeeaaseee.
  • I also would have added kalamata olives..if I had them, but I didn’t.
  • A heaping spoonful of pesto. This is a new one. I liked it, a lot. Then again, we put pesto on hot-dogs last night for dinner, and I liked it – a lot. Don’t knock it till you try it, it’s pretty darn good!


Happy Eats!


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