Easy Accessory Wall

This morning I woke up, looked around, and decided it was time to organize and pick up. Water cups were brought to the kitchen, laundry was put away, more laundry was thrown in the washer and dryer, dishwasher was started and then I stopped and realized I had all these necklaces. They were just sitting in this, albeit nice, container and were always tangled together. I really needed a better system.

I forgot about it, walked down stairs with a basket of laundry and saw hooks on the table. The same hooks I’ve been carrying around with me for multiple moves and the ones I recently re-found while cleaning the office a few nights ago.

With laundry on hip, I picked up the hooks and looked at them. Two seconds later laundry was dropped by the washer and I was back upstairs hooks in hand.

This was, by far, the easiest project in the world. Next to my little table I get ready at in the morning is a small wall. I decided to put the hooks in the wall and hang necklaces on them. Sort of make a visually appealing accessory wall. You can find hooks like these just about anywhere for only a couple bucks.

Next step will be to make a few lace frame earring holders and post them on either side of the mirror.

Nothing quite like cheap and easy DIY organization.

Happy Crafting,


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