A Common Mess

This just in. For the past week Mr. A and I have been joint compounding, sanding and priming our “common room”. Why the air quotes? I just decided on the name. It is the largest room in the house, central to all the other room – and it has no definitive purpose besides all the other rooms being off of it. Hence, common room.

It started off looking like this. Ok, it didn’t “start” like this, just use your imagination and shudder a little. The large opening on the right goes into the livingroom we just primed, and painted.  Through the door Mr. A is near is a weird small hallway, a guest room, Tom Cruise’s room, and a tiny-itsy-bitsy bathroom. That weird window in the foreground on the left goes into our kitchen – and is about 5 inches from the main entrance to to the common room (weird). Behind me in this shot is a door into the office.

Maybe this different perspective helps a little. Thank goodness things are looking a little different.

Essentially after doing the living-room the rest of the house, especially the common room looked straight dingy in comparison. So we got to work and decided to paint it nice and bright. The boards will be Sherwin-Williams Extra White, and the top will be Reflection.

While I kept edging and priming, Mr. A kept working on fixing cracks, sanding, ripping old trim down and replacing it.

A note on the trim – Mr. A simply ripped boards to length, planed them to be smooth and snugged them together. As this is a temporary fix, we made it about camp-worthy. I.E. The opposite of fancy.  All the trim was eventually painted white, this is what it looked like before. It looks significantly better however that a.) the previous trim and b.) once it was painted white.

In keeping it real – yes, I have to put laundry away (primarily lots of sheets, blankets, etc.).

He also made a cute little mantle above the wood stove to cover between the fire resistant backboard behind the stove, and the regular drywall. There was a big hole where the stovepipe went into the chimney, so Mr.A framed it out to make it more visually suitable. I.E. less dumpy looking after we had to tear out some of the drywall last year. See that hearth the stove is on? Mr. A grew up with that and it now resides in our home.

So, all in all. So far the room has gone from this during the early start of prepping the room:

To this, fully primed and trimmed out, and still not picked up since we are not done painting:

If you’re curious, this is what it looked like when a puppy runs through your living-room and steps one paw in joint compound:

So there we are. So far – we’re completely primed. Next up – painting.

Happy Scrubbing Primer for Days Off Your Body,


Sherwin-Williams is in no way connected to this post, or our renovations. We simply like the paint.

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