A Little Perspective

Tonight Andy said the magic words. We’re renovating. We are officially going forward!  Andy showed me the digital renderings of our home! Now this is the perspective I like!

First, some of the details are off. We’ll have a steel roof on the house not your typical shingles. The siding will be in a farmhouse board style, but it won’t be that color. We’ll likely have a green house with a red door (our garage is green and the barn door is green). It might be too traditional for some people, but we kind of like taking traditional and then making it a little more fun. Either that, or our door is going to stay beautiful douglas fir.

Without further ado – the house! This isn’t entirely finalized, so items are subject to change but it’s still fantastic! If you need a clear reminder of what our house looks like now please feel free to look back here for a video house tour.

This is the deck side. You know, this deck. Feel free to click on the photos to make them a bit bigger!

On this side, you see a few details which might look awkward, but it’s because we have to still work with what we have. There are two chimneys because one is the current chimney which comes up from the basement. Because of the placement of our wood stove in the basement we are going to keep the original chimney from this stove. The chimney further to the right will be in the new living room and run up through the bedroom upstairs. We may also put in a window between the kitchen (three windows) and the bathroom (single window on the left). In between those two is, as of now, going to be a walk in linen closet but we still might give it a window just to balance things out. Who knows.

For both of us this is the more exciting side. Oh that porch. It’s going to be 40×9 and I am in awe of it. Here, there isn’t too much wonkyness (again this isn’t the finalized plans) except the space between the door and the window on the right because of a staircase, which would look really weird with a window. I think it would be a pretty place for…I don’t know, something big and pretty.

The other part of this post on perspective has to do with how we live. Since I will be in between jobs at the end of the summer we’re going to be pincing pennies, which has only increased my homesteading plans. I already knew it needed to happen and this was the kick/light under my butt I needed. Clearly, I love this and it’s an unexpected and super awesome side effect. Things we  will be doing (most are once other products we have are used up):

  • Once my shampoo is used up I’m going back to using my Little Bebe Bottom soap I make. My hair loves it. I’ll splurge on conditioner, but I’ll use coupons and use it only a few times a week.
  • I’ve been making my own liquid laundry detergent by boiling soap nuts and I will continue to. This can also be used mixed with water and vinegar as a cleaner for anything else. I’m using Dr. Bronners (bought on sale) for dishes, cleaning the kitchen, a boost to laundry, and potentially shampoo? I’m pretty much limiting the types of cleaners I buy and maximizing the usefulness of the ones I do buy.  I haven’t bought laundry detergent in months and months, I love it.
  • We’re going to build a cold frame hoop house out of materials we have around the house, with a few cheaper items from home depot that we don’t have. This will hopefully help us extend our growing season for greens here in Maine, to help feed our family longer. I’m researching specific ways to grow food in winter in our cold climate and thankfully already have a great book  on the topic called The Winter Harvest Handbook by Elliot Coleman.
  • Make foods you would normally buy. By this I mean buy dried beans for pennies on the dollar compared to canned beans. Not only are you not dealing with the leaching cans can cause into food, but it’s cheaper, the beans taste better and it only takes a little more prep.
  • Go grocery shopping only when we need to. No more little trips here and there. Lists and lists only, and go right after a meal and take the time to use coupons. Shop unit price-Andy always saves tons of money by shopping unit price (normally about 25%) and it’s amazing.
  • Finally, and this is more a “still feel like ourselves” but – we’re still going to allow ourselves little things here and there, just little and less. For instance, we go out to dinner once in a while. Now instead of dinner (which we rarely do in the summer because nothing beats our garden), we’ll go get a small ice cream. Or go across the street and pick blackberries and turn them into icy smoothies and sit on the porch.

I’m sure there will be other things as well, but for now that’s what I can think of.

A little perspective never hurt anyone, and there is always, always ALWAYS a silver lining. Heck, sometimes when you stop squinting you realize that those clouds aren’t so dark and gray. In fact, they might actually be a little fluffy.




2 thoughts on “A Little Perspective

  1. Great recovery! I’m so glad you are doing the renovating and that the refinancing went through. I’m looking forward to reading about your progress.

    1. Sometimes things happen that make you realize this is far more than the right time, it’s the perfect timing. I think deciding to go through with reno’s is helping both of us cope! Stay tuned, this ride is about to get crazy. I can barely keep up with Andy! I’m about 3 posts behind him! I better start writing while he’s reading tractor forums.

      Yep, that’s happening.


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