A New Addition to the Family

It’s been a big couple months for us. We paid off my school loans in March. We paid off our tractor this month. Well, we also had another surprise this month. Or rather, make it two. I’m both excited and somewhat still in shock, but mostly excited.

Andy and I have been thinking for a long time about expanding our family. We had been researching, thinking and we just kept deciding it wasn’t the right time for a variety of reasons.

  • We weren’t ready
  • We couldn’t afford it
  • We felt like we wanted to finish most of the renovations first

When it came down to it we just wanted the timing to be right. We know everyone says “there will never be the right time” and, “you’ll never have the money”, but we really felt like there WAS a right time and we WOULD have the money if we just were diligent, saved and waited patiently.

Everyone seems to have an opinion too. It’s not like anyone was pressuring us to expand our family, but we knew they would like it. We knew they would enjoy it if we did. It’s not that our little family now isn’t enjoyable, but sometimes when you know, you just now.

So with that said, I’d like to introduce you to the new members of our family…..







Welcome home 2004 Suburban LS and Husqvarna XP 562! You will be loved. You will serve our family well as we work on the family woodlots, tow our tractor, and drive up to camp down the long and rough old logging roads. We’re so happy to have you.

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We are beyond thrilled. We have been looking for a good suburban for a couple years now. The issue is that in the northeast, especially Maine, they are often rust buckets and beat to high-hell from doing things like we plan on doing – towing and going to camp on rough roads. Finding a decent one is like getting a needle in a haystack. Well, on Sunday night we found that needle. On Monday, unbeknownst to me, Andy bought it. I knew he was going to talk to the bank about financing, but I didn’t know he was going to buy it.  It was all so quick and sudden but when you know, you just know. On Monday night while I was at Home Depot after work I called Andy and he told me it was sold. I was sad but something in his voice told me he was messing with me. See, I’m pretty gullible but I am very cognizant of it which means I try and pick up on it. His voice was just too happy. When I got home we went on a walk, all while I was saying “Are you sure it’s sold? I won’t believe you until we check every neighbors driveway and the farm.” All while in my brain I was thinking, “what if I’m wrong? Wait, am I wrong? Is it really sold? No. It must be here. Is it?” I wouldn’t have put it past him to park it somewhere in the pasture. Needless to say, he had to “return something” to our neighbor. Well, that “something” was a ploy because he had hidden the suburban in the neighbors garage.

As far as the chainsaw, this is my husbands dream chainsaw. Andy will talk for 20 minutes straight about it and tell you the entire story behind it. If you know Andy, you know that means he’s pretty excited. The long and short of is that it’s an amazing saw, which has an expensive handle on it, and it’s been ported for better performance from some top guy in the industry….and he managed to get it for the same price as if he bought it off the shelf completely stock. So yes, he’s beyond excited.

Yay for new additions to the family!



Wait…what?! Excuse me?! You thought this was a pregnancy announcement! Oh no. No no no. We aren’t there yet. The status of my uterus is how I like my wine glass, EMPTY.

5 thoughts on “A New Addition to the Family

  1. Love it! As someone who’s also not ready to expand her family yet (at least in the human area), I completely love this post. Given that we’ve named our tractor and our cars, I can totally see us considering a chainsaw (totally need one, jealous) and a suburban (always wanted one, jealous) part of the family. What are you going to call them? Husky? Keith (as in “Urban”)? Personally, I find it too much responsibility to name things and leave it to the husband. However, that’s how I ended up with a female cat named Ralph.

    1. Haha well, we’ve been calling it the skidder (like the heavy machinery) for no reason except its been making us laugh, as in “Everyone in the skidder!” and “Pack up the skidder”. maybe its only funny to us? haha. Also, it’s totally a part of the family! My dad says it’s too big for two people. That’s his way of hinting he wants grand babies haha.


    2. HOW did I miss the female cat named Ralph part? I just busted up laughing out loud. Fantastic.


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