A Spot For Tea

With the renovations so close I can taste almost see them, I decided I needed to really organize some areas of the house. One, because of the tight storage we already have and two, because once we move all of our furniture into the main part of the house before renovations it’s going to be even tighter. This means every little spot counts, even if it’s just a small drawer in the kitchen like my tea drawer.

For years I’ve had an entire drawer dedicated to my tea and it always ends up a wreck. Also, it’s just taking up valuable space I could use for something else. So when I opened the tea drawer and saw this, it was the final straw:

Wait, let me be more accurate. That was a shot after I had already taken out some boxes.

I thought about reorganizing the drawer, but it just seemed like a waste of time. The tea boxes are slightly large and so they seem to catch a lot when I open the drawer. I also knew I had some room on the bottom of the pantry I could put the tea instead. I don’t drink it daily, so it seemed weird to dedicate an entire drawer in an already tiny kitchen to it. I wasn’t sure what on earth I could use though. Then I remembered this paper holder I had in the office which I wasn’t using.

After some sorting and tossing of teas I don’t drink anymore, maybe possibly perhaps including some caffeinated tea I know I haven’t sipped in years (I haven’t drank caffeine in over two years) it looked a little more like this.

So much better! Oh, and my favorite of the bunch is the Roobios. I’m a big fan in general of Roobios. For some reason one of my boxes says Red Tea and one says Roobios, but they are both Roobios.

Now that everything is organized in one spot,  I was able to put the tea on the bottom shelf of the pantry, and claim one more drawer back in my kitchen. This organization was far past due.

Man it feels good to get things done. Now what to put in that empty drawer?

Happy Organization,


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