A Strong Foundation

We started our addition and it got me thinking about how far we have come as a couple, and about foundations. This isn’t sappy. I promise. The only thing I like sappy is my maple syrup.

And chick flicks.

I’ve been with Andy over 7 years. I first saw him almost 8 years ago. I was smitten at the cute boy I would see around college. Totally. Smitten. He was cute, really cute. He remembers me as the girl who he would catch looking at him. And the girl who was behind him in line once and talked a lot. It’s entirely possible; though I don’t remember it, I’d bet he was right.

He’s hilarious, I pretend I am.  I like to plan every single detail of most things, he’s taught me it’s okay to not plan to a T. Well, I’m still learning that one. He’s handy. I break things. He’s thinks like an introvert, I think like an extrovert most of the time. He’s the most confident, yet modest, person I’ve ever met and I often over think things. I’m pretty sure he is the better half. We really balance each other well.

However, this post isn’t about that type of foundation. It’s about another type of foundation. Our house foundation. I have to admit I’m nervous putting photos of our house up.

Our house is ugly.

Scratch that.

Our house is fugly.

The thing is, it’s our house and I love it. I love it for being our first home, for all the hard work Andy has put into our property and for what I imagine it to be. I love how it looks finished and renovated in my head. Some days it keeps me going, other days I think about how our kids will never know *this* house and that’s sad. Mostly though I’m super excited for the *new* house.

This my friends, is the house when we first moved in. Yes, it’s an original house with a half addition on it and the funkiest windows ever. The bottom half of this half addition is where I’ve been redoing our livingroom. I don’t know what people were thinking. We even found a drawing behind a wall proving they meant for the house to look this way.

Modern house gone horribly wrong. At least it worked well for wood storage in the winter.

Last summer Andy tore down the deck. Thank the good Lord. This photo is confusing, but it’s a partial demolition and the last photo before my old point and shoot camera shit the bed.

Last week I came home to this. Do you know what this is?


This is the hole for the additions foundation. This is very exciting. I begged him to dig the entire area out so I could have a root cellar. Just a little one. A mini one. A teensy one. No dice. It turns out next to the house is granite and it would take way too much work. I got over it pretty quickly.

So Andy put in the forms for the footings, and set two yards of concrete all by himself one morning. That man is a machine. He had zero waste too, I have no idea how he gets his calculations so precise.



Andy has already started the next steps of removing the wood forms and inputting the upright rebar (excuse the entirely non-technical term). He’ll then put the forms back up, lay more concrete and do a few courses of blocks. Finally, after all of that the slab will be put down and I will dance on it happily and take many photos to show you. Hopefully we’ll have the slab down by late fall.

Just ignore the rest of the house in the mean time, ok?

Happy Renovations,




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