Oh The Abode

As I’ve mentioned before, when we bought our house it desperately needed work. We’ve done an immense amount of work on the property, leaving the house until last. Recently we realized we may not be able to do our addition this summer. I told Mr. A I needed to revamp the living room to save my sanity.

It’s about time I show you all the interior of the house, at least part of it. I spend a lot of time thinking about what the house will look like so when I see my photos, I see what everyone else does. The thought of sharing them sends a shiver down my spine a little.

I love my little house, but it’s a bit of a cave. I couldn’t spend another winter in the cave. Although it’s cozy, I could do without all the paneling, and the stenciled hostile Amish picnic. Exactly why are their hands joined back to back?

Welcome to my home. Let the mini-tour begin.

When you come into the house, you come into the kitchen and large central room with oak floors. This was the main room of the original home. Off of the large room is every other room in the house (minus our bedroom). The living room is in a two story half addition the previous owners put on. It’s a half addition because it only spans half of the house – it’s extremely odd looking. See it sticking up in the picture below?

For whatever reason the previous owners loved wood paneling, really, really rough wood paneling. Yes, that is a painted sub-floor – that is level with the original floor. This leads me to believe this was done on purpose. Yes, I’ve received more than one splinter. Yes, those are my overalls hanging up. Welcome to the cave.

Once you step into the room you see this. It’s hard to get classier.

Finally, the piece de resistance…a fully paneled wall.

To say this room is the opposite of my style wouldn’t be accurate enough. The wood needs to go. The couches need to be covered, and the room needs desperately to be painted. Oh so badly. Even though we’re tearing it down, I can’t handle it for another winter. I started scouring the internet and my “inspiration book” (on my computer) and came across this:

The Urban Farm House

I love the idea of painting our floor and was thinking a nice chocolate brown color and then using a natural rug between the two couches, so when I saw this inspiration photo I was in heaven.

After a paint book and much debate, I headed over to Benjamin Moore and picked up three colors – White Dove, Dove Wing and Pale Oak. After painting a swatch of all three of on each wall and wood paneling around the room, I’m waiting to see what grows on me.

So that’s where we are now. Me, staring at paint changing colors throughout the day. I never knew white could be so hard to choose. I’ll be adding photos of the paint swatches when I can get better daylight photos. I can tell you that right now I’m leaning towards Pale Oak for the paneling and Dove Wing for the walls. White Dove may be too white for this house (and the kind of living we do).

As for the rest of the plans – I’m going to add color in through pillows and accessories, and as of now we will not be painting the ceiling beams. Mr. A really wants to keep them as is.

I expect next weekend I’ll be picking up some primer and some paint. Until then – I’m on the search for two piece fitted couch slipcovers for a reasonable price. Let’s see how this goes!

Happy Cave-Demolishing,


7 thoughts on “Oh The Abode

    1. I had to laugh when I read that! Doozy sure is the right word for it! You should keep following if you want to laugh at the rest of the house when I post it. All I can say is – more barn board, popcorn ceilings and a speedbump…in my house.

  1. Love the aesthetic of your inspiration photo! I just picked paint colors for my new house…yeah, white is harder than I thought, too! Looking forward to seeing more of the house, and some after photos!

    I also got here from YHL, and was (pleasantly) surprised to see we have the same blog template. Small (online) world 🙂

    1. Haha, we do have the same blog template! I’m likely going to change it up by this fall though. A sidebar would be awesome (on the front page). Otherwise it’s perfect for my kind of photo heavy blog! It’s so hard to pick colors, for sure. Now that I’ve lived with it a few days, I’m leaning towards Pale Oak for the walls, which is more tan and dove white for the walls, a little less than bright white. I agree with you (or your post) on paint – I tried bright white and it oddly looks cheap in this room! More brown/tannish it is!

  2. Hi Heather. I’m in a similar boat with really really rough paneling that I would love to paint – instead of replacing it with drywall. I’ve read a lot about painting over smooth, glossy paneling – but I haven’t seen much on the rough stuff. Do you think you’ll have any issues with it? I’m afraid it will just suck up coat after coat.
    Can you let me know how you plan to tackle it?

    1. I mentioned more about priming and painting in this post . A water based primer will definitely soak up and cause bleeding big time. I recommend getting a gallon (or however much you need) of BIN, it’s about $35.00 at Home Depot and priming all of your walls with it. There are other types of primers too, just take a look and see what works for you – just make sure it’s oil based. Note that this isn’t low to no VOC. If you’re interested in that, you’ll have to stick with water based. Kilz has a low VOC one that does a nice job, but you’ll still need multiple coats of it. I do not recommend mixing (i.e. doing what I did by BIN’ing the knots, and water base priming the rest). Stick with one or the other. Oil based is your best bet though.

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