My name is Heather and I live in Maine with my little family on our small piece of land in the country (not the county, for you Mainers). I sometimes describe things with the phrase “Like A Cup of Tea”. It’s the feeling you have when the little things in life come together into a moment of total and complete peacefully perfect gratitude or wonderfully awesome chaos (think kids running around in the sprinklers on a hot summers day). It’s the feeling of warm summer mornings with the birds chirping before the world wakes up, cold winter nights by the woodstove, a day of hard work fixing up your house into a home, fresh dirt on your hands, the taste of a tomato right off the vine from a seed you started months before, driving down an old road, the perfect dessert, belly laughing, little looks with those you love, large family dinners, snuggling at home with a furry friend, getting covered head to toe in thread and dog hair, loving those around you, and having a stranger become a friend. You get the idea.

My better half, Andy – is the dictionary definition of thrifty and handy.  He’s my version of the L.L. Bean Boyfriend, though he’s my husband. He’s been involved in construction since he could walk. He makes the bones of our home and land have structure, detail and frankly not fall down and I make it a “home” by decorating, crafting, cooking, preserving our garden and in general cause him headaches with my antics. For as long as Mr. A has been around construction & woodworking, I have been around sewing and crafting.  He helps with the cooking, and I help with the construction. Together we make one heck of a team. He’s the introvert to my extrovert and my rock. Somewhere in life I did something right to end up with someone like him.

While I use this blog to write mostly about the good things in life, and inject humor as I go, we’re real people living a real life. We have our ups, downs, struggles and achievements just like everyone else. We’re just as human like you. We’re “working on it” Christians (aren’t we all?), we laugh at inappropriate jokes, we sometimes swear, and we’re just trying to figure out life like the rest of humanity. It’s not always unicorns and butterflies but this is a life I love more than anything else.

Winnie & Primrose are our two yellow labs who are always into something. They are the sweetest most ridiculous dogs. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll find 90% of the photos are of them. They’re best buds and our girls. They’re gross, they’re sweet, we love them. They are our children. Someday we might have human kids, but either way we’ll live a happy wonderful life.

So sit back, enjoy, and do something today that makes you feel “like a cup of tea” even if it is indeed just a cup of tea.

All photos by Alexandra Roberts Photography (c) 2010