If you’ve already read the about page and want to know a little more about us, or this blog, here’s your chance. If you have a question you’d like to ask, feel free to email me at dorothyandlucille@gmail.com and I might add it here!

  • Are you from Maine? I am an official duel-state-citizen. Those don’t actually exist, but that’s what I am. That means I was born in Maine, and moved to another New England State when I was about four. 99% of my family still lived in Maine and we visited all the time. At 18 I moved back. By official dual citizen I mean my birth certificate is from Maine, but other legal documents are from the other state I lived in. So boo yeah, dual New England citizenship.
  • How often do you post? My goals are to post at least twice a week, in addition to Instagram throughout the week (likeacupoftea) and little things on twitter about my day/week (lkacupoftea). I try not to post more, unless a lot is happening, because I don’t want blogger burnout. Between a full time job, a full time house, a renovation, a garden, two dogs, my husband and the rest – twice a week is my commitment. If I can post more, perfect! If not, that’s okay with me too.
  • What is your favorite food? I love a lot of food. My favorite food is comfort foods, and I grew up eating meat but with a lot of vegetarian and vegan dishes too. This means my favorite food is not most people’s favorite food….scrambled tofu. It’s a yummy breakfast food, great on toast and filled with tons of vitamins. There are plenty of other foods in close second though. Creme brulee to name one.

More to come….

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