Adventures with Abigail – Folly 101

I intended to start this blog “series” a while back and it just kept getting pushed off. I very casually call it a series, because there’s no schedule to it.

So what’s with the title? Abigail is my lunch buddy, and wonderful. Folly 101 is one of my favorite stores in Portland, Maine – it only made sense to make this my first Adventures post, because Abigail introduced me to it. This is not a paid post and I have received no product in return for this, I just love this store.


Abigail is one of my favorite people I’ve ever known. She works at an architecture firm that our company works with. One day our companies had a meeting and we were both there. She was wearing a chunky sweater, had long natural wavy hair and not a drop of makeup on. Oh, and she’s southern. I immediately liked her. We bonded pretty quickly during our second meeting when she got a really shitty call and I immediately dropped my business mode and was like forget this meeting, and just hugged her. Ever since then her and I have met up at least once a week, give or take, to take a walk, eat gelato, drink hot chocolate, eat lunch, sit on a nook and vent to each other – whatever, we just get together during lunch.

She has the best life stories. Even if there is the rare sad one, you always somehow end up laughing you butt off. She’s one of those people who is modest, and you find out these stories in the most random ways, and you always feel better after you’ve hung out with her. We’re pretty similar in a lot of ways, and very different too. One, she’s a New Englander at heart who was raised, primarily, in the south. This means she’s a little rough around the edges, but also completely a southern lady. It is a hilariously wonderful juxtaposition. I don’t care if that’s the wrong term, it sounds right. I on the other hand, have an inner southern grandmother, but was raised in New England.

Oh, and don’t call her Abby, Gail, Ab, A, Big . She’s Abigail. If you meet her you’ll totally agree with me.

The point is – she’s fabulous. I told her a long time ago I would do this and she pointed out it should be called “Adventures with Heather”. I am, afterall, the one who walked through the city with a small plastic kiddie pool over my head. The one I found at Reny’s for 10 dollars for the pooches.

The point is, she’s probably right. This is my blog though, so in yo’ face Abigail (mwahaha). I know you’re reading this.

Folly 101

How do I explain this store? Fabulous-country-chic-rustic-modern-lovely-wonderful-perfect-*sigh*.

If you’re ever in Portland, please go to Folly 101, located (appropriately) at 101 Exchange Street.

The store is broken up into decor by color, with the back being bedding and baby stuff. I had to laugh at this photo. Baby and Abigail do not go hand in hand. I took this photo, laughed and said I was posting it on my blog. She said “Don’t you dare!” in her North Carolina twang.

So obviously here it is.

Here are a few of my other favorite things from this store – besides everything ever.

1.) Napkins

2.) Tea Set duuuhhhh

3.)  That book “Pale & Interesting”. Aptly named – it was indeed pale, and interesting.

Southern Pie! Are you? Do I?

There is nothing else I need to say about that. You know me, it’s obvious what I’m in love with about that.

The candles are really pretty, but I mainly took this photo because I like the layout on the table.

Everything. Everything about this photo. The rugs are so nice. The styling is amazing in this store. The mantle always has something beautifully displayed, the blankets hanging by the mantle are so soft and plush and under those lights are necklaces that are charming as the dickens.

These cute little votive glasses start at a few bucks each and would be great for a variety of reasons.

Leather handle nesting baskets. I am a sucker for baskets,  but when you put a leather handle on them I swoon a little – especially when they are nested and next to an interior brick wall.

Finally – I’m not sure this next photo needs any explanation but I will.

Rustic styled tray & a book on cookies. Not just any cookies. Bigfatcookies.

Done and done.

To be completely honest, I probably photographed some of the less awesome things about this place because I was too overwhelmed and running around looking at everything. I completely missed a photo of the old hoosier style cabinet filled with soaps and bathroom stuff, the front windows which are incredible and even a picture of the store sign.

I get slight amnesia when I walk in here.

The details:

Price Point: This store is on the higher side, generally. Despite how much I like it, I have never actually bought anything but that is because I’m so super cheap – and I wouldn’t even know what to buy because I like it all. There are some incredible deals here though. I saw a 3×5 rug for $25.00 – that’s pretty awesome. I might go back and buy it. Once we redo the house I will likely have a few things from here.

Staff: The staff is friendly, sweet, wonderful. When we walked in the other day I even saw a bridal consultant I had, at a different store, who was the nicest person.

Location: It’s located near the top of Exchange Street, and there’s street parking. With the plethora of great small stores in Portland, it’s worth it to find a spot and hit up a few places at once.

Just make sure one of them is Folly 101. You won’t regret it.

Much Love,


5 thoughts on “Adventures with Abigail – Folly 101

  1. I think you, dear Abigail, are a cup of tea. And, Folly is my special bestest favorite store in all the world. I love everything in this lovely little space and the wonderful folks who work there. I live in Portland, so am extremely fortunate, so am able to frequent Folly, and I do -I’d like to just move in there. Ellie

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