Advertising & Sponsors
I do third-party advertising on this site through ad generation services like Google; as of now, that’s it. I do not do sponsored posts.

Product Reviews:
If you’d like me to review a product, I will but it will be 100% my own review. I do not add company-preferred language or take compensation for the review.

If I accept your product as a giveaway, it might end up as a post of it’s own, or as part of a related post. There may be times I request a sample of the product to decide if it’s viable for a giveaway. Rare, but it could happen.

For Readers:
I do three types of giveaways.

  • Something I loved so much I bought a second one to share with you.
  • Something I made and wanted to share with you.
  •  If a really awesome company contacts me about a giveaway and I totally love it, I’ll accept and share with you. As always, all my words, all the time unless specifically stated otherwise and shown in quotes.


* Giveaways From A Third Party Company (the legal):

All third party companies will be informed of a winner chosen by Like A Cup of Tea. Third parties are responsible for contacting and coordinating delivery with the winner.  Like A Cup of Tea and authors are not responsible for distribution of prizes by third parties or any resulting errors or problems with coordination, delivery, product, returns, manufacturing or any other problems resulting from said company and/or product. Unfortunately we are unable to contact the company on behalf of the winner, but if the problem is serious we do request winners contact us to let us know if the issue in a factual concise way so we can assess whether the company will be allowed for another giveaway.