I’m a big fan of helping to promote other creative, interesting, fun and inspiring businesses. That said, I  don’t accept paid advertising for my blog, except for Google and nRelate (seen in my sidebar, and the ads at the end of my posts next to my related content).

What? A blog that doesn’t accept advertising? What the what? It’s true. I don’t. The reasons are many but mostly because I write this blog for the fun of it, not for money. As well, I have a full time job I enjoy to the max and a family I cherish to bits, which always come first. There will be times I am unable to post because of work/life, etc. With that said I just can’t make a business the promise you would deserve of consistent posts every week at a certain date/time.( I use Google & nRelate because I feel no obligation to post for them, like I would with a direct contract with a business). I guess I should “never say never” but for now this is where I stand. If I change my mind in the future I’ll update this page. Like A Cup of Tea is a cathartic place for me where I share my life because I want to and enjoy it, not because I feel obligated.

That said, if you are a small business and think your product is a good fit, don’t hesitate to contact me! Why? Because I like to promote small businesses for free. No catch. If I like your stuff I might throw up a sidebar for you for a month or two, or give you a shout out. I just like helping small businesses out. I own one. I know that small businesses often can’t afford advertising even at small costs. I can’t guarantee anything, but it’s worth giving me a shout.

Do You Want Me To Try Your Product?
While I don’t accept paid advertising, or do paid (sponsored) posts, if you have a product that you think I and my readers would absolutely love, feel free to contact me using the email address above and I’ll let you know. Your best bet is to offer a giveaway. I write in my words only so my readers are always aware what I say is directly from me, not someone else. If accepted, your giveaway might end up as a post of it’s own, or at the bottom of another post.

For Readers:
I do three types of giveaways.

  • Something I loved so much I bought a second one to share with you.
  • Something I made and wanted to share with you.
  •  If a really awesome company contacts me about a giveaway and I totally love it, I’ll accept and share with you. As always, all my words, all the time unless specifically stated otherwise and shown in quotes.

Full Disclosure

I love making soap. I love making crafts. I love writing my blog.

I own two companies I love. One, Dorothy + Lucille is my Etsy store and Green Barn Soaps, is my handmade artisan soap company. I love what I do, and I believe in transparency and integrity. These are the two stores you see on my blog in the top right hand corner under the “e” square the the “leaf” square.

Figuring out how to share my companies with you guys, without coming off “door to door salesman” is difficult. My blog and my companies are a part of who I am – and in some ways they all mesh together and are sort of impossible to keep separate. I’ve decided that this blog is about us, it’s about our life, and part of my life has to do with my businesses. If I ever post something on them, I’ll be sure to remind you that I own the companies.  I swear, I’m not a door to door salesman. I don’t have enough polyester in my life for that.

* Giveaways From A Third Party Company (the legal):

All third party companies will be informed of a winner chosen by Like A Cup of Tea. Third parties are responsible for contacting and coordinating delivery with the winner.  Like A Cup of Tea and authors are not responsible for distribution of prizes by third parties or any resulting errors or problems with coordination, delivery, product, returns, manufacturing or any other problems resulting from said company and/or product. Unfortunately we are unable to contact the company on behalf of the winner, but if the problem is serious we do request winners contact us to let us know if the issue in a factual concise way so we can assess whether the company will be allowed for another giveaway.