After All These Years…

Excuse me while I wipe a single joyful tear falling silently from my eye. This is a happy day here in our home. We have finally started removing the horribly installed board paneling in our living room, never, ever, to be put up again.

Let’s take a look back.

Our living room has had some serious progress since we first moved in. At first it was a dark cave.

Then last year I decided I had to paint it because I couldn’t stand another winter in a dark room, and oh how it helped. Let me refresh your memory (and my own).

I mean, whatever way you cut it-it’s a pretty ugly room but now, oh glory hallelujah thank you Jesus (literally), it looks like this. In my head, this room has never looked better.

I even made a time lapse video of taking down some of the paneling. I’ve watched this video so many times and it makes me super happy. Every. Single. Time. The video uploaded to YouTube kind of grainy and for that I apologize, but you’ll still get how awesome it is. When you see it go black for a minute, don’t worry – the light got knocked out of the outlet. Whoops!

Music: Morgantj – Cafe Connection (creative commons)

If you could have heard the audio from the original video you would have heard no one sounding like a lady coming out of your speakers. There is one very key thing I realized to make renovations go very smoothly: I need access to hearing protectors at all times. The sound of the hammer banging on the crowbar, in an echo laden room, led to unladylike things coming out of my mouth in a way they rarely do. I didn’t say I was proud, I’m just being honest.

While Andy was working on the porch last night (post coming soon), Casey and I finished taking down the boards in the room as much as we could. There are still some behind the stairs we can’t get yet, and the monitor heater needs to be moved, but more or less it’s looking like this. Be still my heart.

Since we’re salvaging as many of the boards as we can for another project, we’ve been keeping piles. You have no idea how much I love seeing those boards in a pile and not on my walls in a sloppy-rushed-to-be-put-up kind of way.

We still have some boards left to remove down here, and once we move the bedroom out from upstairs we’ll have some more.

And I can’t wait.



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