All About The New Addition, Not New Edition

I feel your immediate sense of being let down now that you know this post isn’t an update on New Edition. Grab your tissues, get a good cry in, and refocus. This update on the addition we built might not be as musically inclined or stylish, but it has just as many good qualities.

That’s a joke, New Edition can’t be competed with. Let’s just take a moment to be reminded of their glory.*Exhale*

Okay, let’s move on to the new addition.

I am nothing if not timely in posting this. Since this post went up I was waiting to get nice shots after a few things were finished. They aren’t finished and I decided waiting longer, when we have new projects starting, felt like I was leaving loose strings. My mother was a seamstress and thus I hate loose strings.

Being that I’m home sick with a rather contagious and un-fun head & chest cold (don’t worry, it’s not spreadable by internet) I decided to take some very un-styled, un-edited photos and show you how things look right now.

The downstairs bedroom is still in the most rough condition. We still need to replace two windows in this room. You can see the new window on the left and one of the two windows that need replacing on the right. Thankfully these windows, plus two others which will be going into the original house, came in this week.

DSC_7100In “keeping it real” here’s some of the lovely floor design the dogs decided to engrave for us while playing with a couple young kids. Long story short we didn’t tell the kids not to go in there, and we didn’t realize they were tossing toys around for the dogs to chase until a few minutes had passed. We knew there would eventually be dog claw marks on the floors, it wasn’t unexpected, it was just unexpected to happen so early. To be clear, we aren’t mad this happened at all. We should have shut the door and we didn’t. Things happen, life is way too short to get upset about something so dumb. Also, what I really remember about that night is how happy I was and how the laughter of kids filled my house and how happy everyone was. How can you ever be upset about that?!

DSC_7144So that pretty much sums up the downstairs. Moving up in the addition we get to the stair well and upstairs hall. We’ve since painted the back wall of the stairs Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt, and the rest of the stairwell/hallway areas Dover White, the same as the living-room. We’ve also added a rug at the landing and at the top of the stairs. Both of the rugs were from HomeGoods in South Portland. The rugs are to help the dogs get better traction and feel safer on the stairs. I’ll be writing another post about the actual stairs and our thoughts on having bare wood stairs with dogs.

DSC_7116The upstairs closet doesn’t have doors on it yet for a couple reasons. First, none of the closets have doors yet and second, we’re not done installing items in here. This closet isn’t your normal closet. You can see it has a wood back and not drywall and it looks pretty bedraggled. That’s because this closet is actually a mechanical closet. Down the line we’re going to be installing an air exchanger in here which will take up a significant amount of room. This will allow fresh air to come in at a warm temperature and old air to be circulated out. In a house with tight insulation such as ours, and living in a climate in which you can’t really open your windows for many months a year due to the cold, it’s important to have air flow and this will help a lot. Outside of the closet on the top right you’ll see the old chimney. This chimney goes all the way to the basement and our basement woodstove ties into it so this chimney isn’t going anywhere. We’ll have a second new chimney when we move our upstairs woodstove, which I’ll explain further down. You might wonder if we’re going to trim out the chimney and the simple answer is no as there really is no need to. If you walked through the house I’m positive it’s one of the last things you’d pick up on (except now, because I pointed it out).

DSC_7143At the top of the stairs, to the right, is the guest bedroom and future nursery (the downstairs bedroom will become the guest room).

DSC_7113The dogs don’t get to come into this room unless we are in there, so they took full advantage while I was taking photos. Lay on the bed? Winnie doesn’t mind if she does.

This is about as decorated as this room is getting, since it’s a temporary guest room. For now we’ve added in our old bedroom furniture which we are using to store linens, towels, etc. Right now it’s guest / my getting ready for work in the morning spot. The colorful bedspread and yellow pillowcases are from HomeGoods again. The other pillow case is something I put together.

DSC_7106 DSC_7109Looking across the hall from the guest room is our master bedroom. In this shot you see our stripped bed so I can wash the linens and our vacuum so I can take care of the dog hair. I did at least throw a blanket back on the bed and move the vacuum for the primary photos at least. Laziest styling ever.

DSC_7115When you first walk into the master the bathroom is on the left. More accurately, the future bathroom is on the left. It’s amazing how easy it is to ignore this room even though we’re sleeping in our master bedroom now.

DSC_7118Once you get into the room it’s like an automatic relaxation. It’s light, it’s clean, it’s simple and we love it.

 DSC_7120We don’t have a lot up on the walls now, and I’m not sure we ever will. I definitely believe in living in a space for a little bit though before making any decisions like hammering into a wall. Pretty much we have our bed, two nightstands, two antique oak bureau’s Andy was given, and my Memere’s full length mirror she had in her dress shop in her house for as long as I can remember. It actually faces the corner, not our bed as it looks like in the above photo. 

DSC_7125I’m also a bit sneaky sneaky in that without a great place to store my ironing board, I had to get creative so it actually lives behind the full length mirror for now. Hopefully this will get a new home down the line but I don’t mind it’s location right now. Oh, and that chest to the left is from Andy’s aunt and holds all of our treasures – if you define “massive amount of socks” as “treasures”.

This might be one of my favorite views of the room because I love the angles against the beams. It reminds me Scandinavian Modern design, which I really like.

DSC_7121The master closet is most definitely a work in progress. Here’s the deal, given the way the layout of the house needed to be the master closet is actually the smallest bedroom closet in the entire house. It’s literally the same size, but the far right space (where you see the tan basket) is going to be taken up by the stove pipe for our wood stove in the living room. Once we install the stove pipe, we’ll also be able to get the wire rack we’re hanging our clothes on out of there, and install a custom closet which has more space. It’s kind of nice having to downsize our clothes to fit. We must have brought 2 bags of clothing to goodwill and it felt awesome. Less really is more.

DSC_7131So there you go, an update on the interior of the addition and our awesome master bedroom. It’s hard to believe we broke ground on this addition in June 2012, and that this master bedroom didn’t even exist. It was nothing but bad rooflines on a falling in porch and sky. Now, it’s like having your own piece of heaven and an adult tree house that overlooks the hay field.

DSC_7135Next up, window replacement and siding. Oh yeah, did I mention two sides of the original house don’t have siding on them anymore?


New Edition photo from here.

6 thoughts on “All About The New Addition, Not New Edition

    1. We do have one somewhere, though I’m in a bit of a head cold fog (understatement) & I don’t know where. I think of you search the renovation tab by room & choose addition, it’s in there way back.


    1. Thanks, Lindsay! That’s really nice of you to say and it’s appreciated. Those two goons love being wherever we are, and they often get in front of the camera. I love it.


  1. Heather, this is beautiful! Wow, I can’t believe how far you’ve come since I was last over. When I get back from NC, I am coming to pester you!! And if I win the lottery, we are buying the land near you guys and I’ll start my own house building blog – or we’d just buy a yurt and be done with it!

    Truly beautiful and so YOU! Classy!

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