All New Things (In Lieu of Weekly Renovation Update)

Hey there friends! This is a short and sweet blurb to let you know I’m thinking about and love you guys. We haven’t done work on the house this week since we’ve been waiting to pick up some materials, and for a friend to be available to help us finish the chim chiminy cheroo. The boys are at that on Friday, but unfortunately I won’t be there to take photos (one of the few projects I really wanted to do a detailed post on, too!). I’ll hopefully have a post up for you this weekend, or on Monday about the chimney and a few other things going on (in general, not house related, or maybe house related, I don’t really know yet).

On a new note, I thought I’d let you all in on a secret: I got a new job! I was unemployed for three weeks. If you know this economy, and you’ve been (or are) unemployed, you’ll know this is absolutely ridiculously amazing. So this week I’m settling into my new position, and re-figuring out my blog schedule, and life schedule who’s kidding. So far it’s great, and I think it will continue to be. For those of you who are still unemployed, keep the faith and try and take a moment to enjoy the unemployment. I did small things like take the dogs on the beach close by (to save on gas money) and lay in the hammock and read. Absorb the little moments. I know the money thing and uncertaintly is stressful. I’ve been unemployed twice before – once for seven months and once for four months. I give you hugs and encouragement.

All for now.



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