And Then There Were The Awesome Parts Of The Weekend

Despite Sunday being a general cluster eff, Saturday was pretty awesome.

For starters, some of my family and I got together to help clean out my Memere and Pepere’s house. While this in and of itself was sad, it was fun going through all of the items again, seeing what was there and being able to take mementos home I can always remember them by.

As it turns out my Memere and I wear the same size shirts, and that lady had good style. I never would have pegged her for it back in the day, but as of now I have about 10 shirts, including two of my Pepere’s cardigans, drying on the line outside. I also have a couple knickknacks they always had around the house like a giant fork and spoon that always hung in the dining room, and the decorative fish mold seen on the wall below.

Then I found her exercise suit amongst a bunch of her fabric. Me being me, I had to put it on, and my cousin being my cousin he had to take photos of which I was a more than willing participant because in our family we love hilarity. I may have texted one of these to my Dad. I’m pretty sure he’s never been more proud. I am definitely doing a squat in the first one, but continue to laugh because I know what it looks like.

Yep, I brought it home, and I intend on wearing it with a skirt because I love the top of it. Also, I may wear it for Halloween. All I knew is that it was not going in the dumpster. Not just yet.

After trying on various items of clothing and sorting through decades of fabric, my other cousin, her husband, and I went to her mom’s house, my Aunt Mary’s (talked about more here) to visit and eat ridiculously tasty food over.

My Aunt carries her food in a basket. She also cooks us tasty salmon. You can thank the Iphone and night-time for a super dark photo but you can get the gist of how delicious it was. If you can’t – well, then, it was delicious.

Okay so this was a great day but I need to show you what was the absolute greatest part of all. When I left the house it looked mostly like this.

In other words, there was no livingroom. Mind you I left the house at 8:30am. I got this text at 7:30pm from Andy.

You can bet I shrieked with joy as I was standing in my Aunts kitchen and then showed everyone. I’m telling. It did not exist while I was gone. And now there are walls. WALLS.

And that my friends, finished off Saturday as a really, really, good day.

That, and some homemade strawberry sorbetto.



One thought on “And Then There Were The Awesome Parts Of The Weekend

  1. Highs and lows- aren’t they grand? Amazing progress, amazing food, amazing fish – both on and off the grill . It looks like Saturday was a pretty amazing day all around.

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