Autumn in Maine and Other Great Things

I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. I miss you guys like woah, and I miss writing here for you. Alas graduate school and other life happenings are still taking most all of my time, but I’ve been doing my best to keep you guys updated on Instagram. Things are going good in the class and so far I’ve been doing really well, which is a huge relief to me. I’m taking two more classes in a row after this one but I HAD to stop in here and tell you about some exciting things that have been going on. This is going to be a long post because I don’t know when I’ll get to write again.

First, it’s fall in Maine. So that in and of itself is pretty exciting. It’s the most beautiful time of the year around here. Until spring and then I proclaim “Spring is the most beautiful time of the year around here” because duh, after a super long freezing cold goodness-gracious-do-I-have-any-feeling-left kind of winter, a 50 degree day is THE MOST GLORIOUS thing in the entire world. That won’t be for another handful of months though, so while my amnesia of what the end of winter is like is in full effect, I am just excited for the crunchy leaves, the wood stove starting to rip more often, and the anticipation of the first fall.

AutumMaineSecond, it’s my birthday month. I turn 31 this month. THIRTY ONE. Turning thirty had no bearing on me. Turning thirty one is screwing with me just a little bit. I am not longer TURNING thirty, I am IN my thirties. I don’t know why this makes me feel old, considering logically it’s not, and that most of the time I’m acting like an old lady anyway. I always had this sort of life plan of things that would happen, but they stopped at 30. Now I guess the fun begins. If by fun I mean anxiety at ripping the rug out from under myself and trying to embrace uncertainty. That’s totally my favorite thing to do in the same way accidentally bumping my hand on a hot stove is my favorite thing to do. You learn to deal with it and move on. That said, I thought I’d have a kid when I was 30. Not IN my 30’s, but 30. Life has a funny way of going “HAHA NICE PLAN.” I’ve been getting into running though a bit more again, which helps with everything.


That’s okay though, because there is a new member of our house and she’s pretty great…which leads me into…

Third, we have a third dog. Surprise, it’s another six year old female yellow lab. We were fostering her part-time this summer, but we started fostering her full-time a few weeks ago. I get way too attached way too fast which is why I have never fostered. We’re fostering her from an older woman who could no longer care for her and was heartbroken about it, but it was the right thing to do. What this means is that we’re not fostering her through anyone but we’re trying to find an awesome home for her ourselves. What this REALLY means is that anytime Andy mentions a possible home for her I plug my ears and go “LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T DISCUSS THIS RIGHT NOW” and then snuggle Bella and remind Andy that we are NEVER GETTING RID OF HER EVER. Unless the perfect home comes along. I mean, more perfect than ours and ours is pretty perfect so….

We have a third dog and I’m not discussing any alternative options to that right now.


Fourth, the master bathroom has drywall! We started working on it this spring and then didn’t touch it again until last week for the most part. I wasn’t neglecting on updating you, we were just neglecting to work on the bathroom at all. So many other things needed to be done, like gardening, fixing a free boat, etc.


Fifth, FREE BOAT. Sort of. Well, my neighbor got a free boat. Then Andy worked his ridiculous magic (I still believe he is a government experiment in talent and ability) and all of the sudden this boat that sank to the bottom of a lake works again. It works really well. So we now have a 1989 Bayliner at our disposal to use whenever we want in the summers. Requirements include Duran Duran, Whitesnake, and bikini’s that go up and over the hips.


Sixth…okay there are a lot of other things. Let me sum them up so this isn’t much longer, and it will give me something to HOPEFULLY strive to find time to write about later. We pressed 20 gallons of apple cider from wild apple trees. After giving some away and drinking some, 11 gallons remain in our freezer. I intend on making some of this into hard cider. I haven’t ventured into that though so I expect that will be coming up shortly. We also turned under the garden for the year with the exception of the cabbage and carrots. Everything else is done. We’ll need to harvest those items, bush hog, and lay black plastic down soon so we can get our garlic planted. Andy has done a heck of a lot of firewood this year, and a few nice saw logs ended up out at the sawmill. Our neighbors bought their own large sawmill up at the farm and are building a shed over it. We have fire wood stacked under the porch this year to keep it dry and easy to access *deep breath* annnnnndd that’s about it right now.

Does that sum up well enough?

Like I said, follow me on Instagram in the mean time at @likeacupoftea. I update there pretty frequently with dog photos and other on goings. Hopefully I can get back onto here more, but you know, I’m turning 31 and I can officially predict NOTHING that will be happening.

All for now.





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