Aww Shoot!

I don’t mean that like “awww” as in “darnit” I mean it as in “yyeeahh boyyy” like Flava Flav.


Remember when I did my winter sowing, but I started them late and was about 50/50 on whether the seeds would sprout?

Please imagine me dropping it like it’s hot, followed by backing it up, followed by a high-quality rendition of the sprinkler. I may have started dancing right on the gravel when I looked in and saw these sprouts.

I may or may  not have also screamed a little bit, high-fived myself and felt extremely accomplished. Despite the fact that mother nature did all of the work.

I’ve only had to water these twice so far. Twice! That’s it!

Oh, and in order the sprouts are spinach, tomatoes and rainbow chard.

On the way to date night last night Mr. A asked me why I started chard by reminding me it’s super easy to direct sow into the soil in May and you have chard within a month or so. I informed him it means we can now have chard earlier…and because I can. Okay, I have to admit it likely wasn’t the best thing to start but I do not regret it one bit. I love chard, and the earlier I can have the better.

On another note, remember when last week one of the trees in our yard looked like this:

One week later it now looks like this:

Mother Nature is getting her swagger on. And while mother nature continues to get her swagger on, I will go back to my sewing machine and snuggle into the couch on this rainy cool day with a hot cup of tea. Chamomile Vanilla to be exact.



2 thoughts on “Aww Shoot!

  1. Spring has become my favorite season, awesome work on the sprouts!

    I’m saving up for the right camera (5 years over do, and I’ll have to wait longer- first i need priorities though- like a car haha) and I have to ask what camera/lens do you use? I’ve done countless hours of research on cameras, two years back and no doubts things have changed. I live seeing your photos of your life, like the cup, growing sprouts, and blooming trees, simple and in gorgeous detail

    1. I used a Nikon D50 right now that I bought off craigslist for cheap haha. It came with an SB external flash, a 50mm prime lens and the kit lens. My Dad bought me a macro(ish) lens for Christmas so sometimes I used that too. I pretty much stick with my 50mm if I can, but a lot of the outside projects, renovations (barn, etc) I used the kit lens for. I’m upgrading eventually but for now this does the job!


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