Awww Sheet Yeah!

Yay for a new blog design! It was time to make a change up in here that felt both warm and fun. Heads up our house style will likely not reflect this same style overall. The house is a different beast since we have to blend a more traditional style (Andy) with a more modern farmhouse style (me). It’s all going to be a mishmash up in this maison. The blog, and maybe my office, are solely my design choice – holla. New blog background compliments of designer Brandi Galuzzi, it’s a free design I found. Go check her site out!

In case you hadn’t heard from every news station in the United States, we’re currently getting walloped with a nor’easter. In other words – we’re having a snow storm that might deposit anywhere from one to three feet. In other words, to someone born and raised in New England, it’s just a good old snow storm. So as the polar bears are taking over while the hot cocoa is being rationed and the snow is whipping and raging outside, lets discuss what’s been going on IN our home. It’s been pretty epic.

When I last left you, we were finishing up insulation and that’s about where we stood for a little bit. UNTIL THIS HAPPENED.

DSC_1451-01So much drywall, and this wasn’t all of it. Before we could drywall though, I had to finish sanding the ends of the beams to take the surface mildew off as noted in this post.  Sanding wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, but that’s because I had our handy dandy Porter Cable sander with 100 grit paper to help me out.

PorterCableSanderIt amazed me how much of a difference there was before and after!

DSC_1454-01DSC_1452-01Our drywall came on Friday even though we expected it on Saturday. They apparently thought it was going to a different house. In a different town. A good 30 minutes from our house. Whoops. So long story short, Andy got the call and came home to meet them here. When I got home from work on Friday night to a downstairs and upstairs full of drywall it’s safe to say I was a little shocked but totally excited.

Saturday started early and then this happened. Are you ready?

Are you really even ready?

Let’s recap that at one point in time the place that is now our living room was an ugly porch with a toilet on it, firewood, and a bunch of other crap. Oh dear goodness. This is hard to even wrap my head around.

House-Set-II-9.23.2007-040Thankfully that porch is long gone, an addition is in it’s place and we’re both excited it’s no longer framing and insulation only! When you see the photo below really take in that my husband built this entire thing with his two hands, since June 2012, and there’s another three brand new rooms to the side and above this one. I married a good one.

DSC_1511-01Our neighbor John had been waiting for us to start drywalling and came over to help out. He had previously helped with the trusses too. He absolutely loves dry-walling and he is good at it. I mean really good! While he ran out, I learned how to use, and manned, the drywall screw gun to help the guys anchor the drywall in place. Andy would then take over and complete it, since I was a little slow. Once John came back the guys had a rhythm and I stayed out of the way! The living room was first on this drywall adventure.

Let me break in here for a minute to say that the following conversation just took place.

Me: “What’s the screw gun called for the drywall?”

Andy: *raises eyebrows* It’s a screw gun…for drywall. It’s called a drywall screw gun.

Me: “Oh, really? I didn’t know if there was a fancy name for it. Good, that’s what I had it called.”

(Andy looked over my shoulder as I was writing this and laughed. I told him to “go awwayy!” , laughed, and covered the screen.)

DSC_1514-01I mostly took photos of the process and did other things while the guys worked. Casey made sure to razz me and photo-bomb as he often does. So as I do, I will ALWAYS post them to the internet. You’re welcome, Casey.

DSC_1520-01Let’s go to the photos of the transformation, because there are a lot of photos to get through!

DSC_1540-01 DSC_1569-01 DSC_1570-01 DSC_1574-01I knew drywall would make a huge difference, but I couldn’t believe just how much of a difference it made until I saw it go up.

DSC_1600-01So different, right?! It’s hard to believe this was ever a porch.

You know what’s also hard to believe? The old living room (now bedroom) was once a dark brown panel cave and is now a bright bedroom. It’s such a better use of the space. As a reminder, we didn’t drywall over the paneling. We ripped every single piece of it out and gutted the room to the studs before re-framing for the new windows and insulating the exterior walls. We did drywall over the ceiling beams because they are supporting the second floor and we didn’t want them exposed. This room isn’t the showpiece of the house since it was all wonky from the original construction, but it is already so much nicer and cozy.

DSC_0094DSC_1606-01 DSC_1607-01 DSC_1608-01With the lower two rooms drywalled, John and Andy worked the rest of the week taping and mudding. John came over in the evenings and was here early on the mornings he wasn’t working. There may have been one morning I was getting ready for work and Casey let him in. I may have been in my pants and bra and I grabbed my shirt and dodged into the office so I could be decent. Close call, and funny, for sure.

DSC_1616-01 DSC_1620-01So that completes where we are at with the downstairs. Both rooms have had all their taping and mudding complete and now it’s time to sand, prime and paint. PAINT! Colors are not chosen yet, but different ideas, as well as lighting fixtures, are being thrown around. It’s like a paint chip rave party up in here.

Finally, the guys almost have the upstairs complete too but since this post is already so long I’m going to save that for another post! My brain is currently shutting down due to too many computer waves infiltrating it all day. Also, it’s time to let the dogs out.

Let’s hope I don’t lose them to the abominable snowman and polar bears that are surrounding our property. It’s insane out there.



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