You get that? I just mixed Progress with Barn. A clever little soul I am. The last we chatted about this here barn, there was snow on the ground and framing had just started. It wasn’t until this weekend I realized how down I had let you all. So here we go – Barngress.

The last we discussed, the barn looked a lot like this.


Not long after that, the snow melted, the birds started chirping and this happened:

Not long after that, a window went in, more siding and some flashing.

Then came the waiting game for the roofing. After a little debate, Mr. A decided to go with a steel roof. Not only would it go up faster, but it wasn’t very expensive either. It took a week or so.  In that time, Mr. A built the barn doors, painted then and installed them. To be honest, I don’t remember the exact time frame for the doors – but they were up before the roof. While Mr. A was working on the barn, I was getting some yard work in as well. Once the roofing was up, and Mr.A’s hips were extensively sore from squatting on that angle all day, it looked like this:

This is where it will stay until after the wedding. The siding will be a barn board painted green. This is the same green as the garage, and likely as the house. So the one hitch to this whole thing? I had to talk Mr. A and Tom Cruise out of painting this on the barn doors. Rather, split the design down the middle, route it into the doors and then paint it sans the yellow. It sort of made me cringe.

Thankfully, they decided against it after me begging (nagging, harassing, plethora of other obnoxious pleads).  They could have been messing with me from the get go, just because it would be funny. I’ll never truly know. I did however admit that an old antique tractor sign on the side of the barn would be rather awesome. I’m crossing my fingers for that one, old signs are awesome.

So for now, this is where it stands. It looks great so far and are you ready for the total cost so far? Roughly $600.

No wonder Mr. A told me I’ve come a long way in frugality but he’s a purebred. I better up my couponing skills.

Happy Building,


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