“Blog Changes” Alternatively Called “Getting Back To The Roots”

This blog was always about the blessings in life, our life, our little piece of land. Our quirks, the things we love and the things that make us feel “like a cup of tea”. I wanted this blog to always be something people could snuggle and cozy on into and feel like they were hearing from a friend, or reading a good story. I want people to feel good when they walk away from my blog.

It takes time to find your blog voice, and I realized that I like writing about the process of smaller projects and more than that, just the little blessings and funny small things in life. For me, it’s all about the small things in life. This renovation, despite it being awesome made me realize that I never want to be a DIY renovation only blog, and that’s how it’s started to feel for me, at least lately. When renovations started, I honestly thought I would have more time to blog the details, exactly how we executed something, etc. Not only do I not have time, I simply don’t have the technical knowledge. I often come home to projects already well underway, and I don’t know how to explain what’s going on in a technical capacity. Andy has always told me not to worry about the technical and to write from my perspective, because that’s what this blog is about and that it isn’t your typical two people, first house, no experience kind of blog. He’s right. He’s a professional, but I’m not, I’m just the writer learning things along the way.

With everything going on between the renovations and my priorities shifting to make sure my family, the house, and the dogs are taken care of while Andy busts butt to get the renovations in a good spot before cold weather hits (and it’s closer than we’d like to admit) the blog, for now, will be ramped down for a couple weeks. Also, the way I write renovation posts is going to change. I’m going to be doing a weekly update from now on, instead of putting so much pressure on myself to do a post for each step, and then ultimately ending up with a flat, dry, post. I’m a sentimental and somewhat sarcastic person. The renovation posts I’ve been writing have been all ‘here’s a wall’, ‘here’s a nail” “here’s a ohmygodpleaseripmyeyesoutthisisboring”. No worries though, once cool weather hits and it comes down to smaller, easier to chew projects and design, there will be more posts and many more technical ones. This could be in a few months, or longer it just depends on how construction goes.

In a very long, verbose, way what I’m trying to say is that I’m getting back to the roots of this blog,  putting some balance back into it and I’m taking care of my family first.

Priorities people.


Also, could some of those renovation posts get any drier? Echk.

xo (really, I mean it. I love you guys),


P.S. I will be back with a renovation post tomorrow because I want to get caught up to this point. I’m looking forward to showing you the house with all of the walls up and some paint on it. Promise.

P.P.S. I will still regularly be updating on Instagram (likeacupoftea) and Twitter (lkacupoftea) with photos of progress. If you want to get bits and pieces of “behind the scenes” things that might not make it into the weekly update, feel free to start following me! I also post a lot of photos of the dogs, which I know a lot of you love seeing. Instagram is a little bit more of a “daily inside look’ into our life than the blog, especially until we get the house under wraps for cold weather!

2 thoughts on ““Blog Changes” Alternatively Called “Getting Back To The Roots”

  1. Are you inside my head? You might as well be.

    While I do still want my blog to be about DIY home renovation and restoration, I’m finding the same thing as you – by the time I get home from work, Mike and his Dad have already completed steps 1 through 11 and I have no idea what exactly has gone on. So instead I post snippets, and honestly they really are boring sometimes.

    Then again, our renovation moves so slowly that more often than not, I’m blogging about my wish list and decorating vision than actual changes in the house. So be it, I suppose.

    I’m going to have to track you down on Instagram, now…

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