Blueberries & Face Shields

A few nights ago, while Mr. A was stacking wood at the back of our little (soon to be) orchard, our neighbor came over and let us know of some really good looking trees and bushes up at Lowe’s. Normally we try to buy all of our greenery from our local garden house but unfortunately the trees are expensive, and they looked rather sad. We have three other trees from there, but this year it just wasn’t looking good.

So this morning we took a trip up to Lowe’s to see what they had. Our neighbor was totally right. There were beautiful high-bush blueberries for $7.95 each, and fruit trees for $19.95 each. Since we currently only have one pear tree we decided to get two more. One pear tree is cute, but it will never fruit. We decided to get a different variety in the semi-dwarf category to help cross-pollinate our little dwarf bartlett (or bosc, I can’t remember). We also stocked up one 10 blueberry bushes. Yep, 10 of them in 5 different varieties. That’s a lot of blueberries to pick next year. Bring it on.

After looking at the layout of the orchard, Mr. A and I decided lining them next to the rock wall would be a great place for them both for layout reasons and it’s a great soil for berries.

The very first thing we had to do though was weed wack around the actual rock wall. This may be the first time ever that I was doing the work, and Mr. A took photos. I would like to use the photo below to demonstrate why I do not write a fashion blog. Note the Worx boots, Carhartt overalls (that are boys, not mens, boys), and a camo Cabelas sweatshirt with a pink lined hood. Oh right, and Mr. A’s chainsaw full face shield. When I asked for eye protection this is what I got. It worked, I flung a rock right into it and it banged right off.

Notice Winnie’s awesome gate she has going on? Look right under her lifted paw – prickle weed. She’s hit one of those one too many times and knows better than to step on them now. Note to self: go dig that up.

Once the wall was weeded and cleared we thought about layout. I tried one layout staggering the blueberries, but Mr. A wasn’t on board. He wasn’t going to be able to mow around them easily and it would cause a lot of maintenance issues. He wanted them next to the rock wall, but I wanted to be able to walk behind them. We compromised on setting them two ( size 8 ) steps away from the rock wall, which will give me plenty of room to walk around them.

We removed the two end bushes (already removed in the above photo) to help avoid winter damage to them. The forefront of this photo includes where snow is plowed in the winter, so it was important to keep it clear. We simply moved them to the front side of the rock wall, next to our hollow tree and seating area.

This will look awesome when those fill in and grow wider. Winnie has informed us she plans on laying there until the berries are ready so she can snack attack them off of the bush.

In case you’re curious how I’ll ever remember what blueberry varieties are where, I have an orchard layout I keep. It’s very precise, professional and to scale.

The pear trees are going next to the apple trees by the way, but the layout hasn’t been decided yet, so it hasn’t made it onto my master plan yet. That will be another post for another day.

Here’s to blueberry pancakes. And Jam. And butter. And compote.

I had to say compote. I always hear it on the Food Network. I have no idea how to make compote.

I should probably go tell Winnie those berries won’t be ready for a while.

Happy Fall Weather & Blueberry Overdose,


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