When Burgers Don’t Help, Craft.

I had one of those headaches today. You know, the kind that sit there on the verge of migraine but never quite make it. They are the equivalent of a kid playing the “I’m not touching you” game. The one where they sit there and pretend not to touch you from like an inch away. The one that drives you absolutely nuts and you wish they would either just poke you already or go away.

That kind of headache. Only really, you always just wish it would go away.

So on the way home from work with Mr.A tonight, who also had a headache, I proclaimed I required a burger and fries from our favorite summer-time drive-in to fix a craving and a headache. He realized I was in my “this is going to happen” mode so we went home, picked up the dogs, and headed out in search of deliciousness.  As delicious and wonderful as it was for my craving – it did not fix my headache. Neither did exercise. Neither did laying in the dark. So I said “oh screw it”, got up and decided crafting a vintage suit-case bunting banner  for our wedding might do the trick.

I’ve been itching to use our old Save The Date’s up. The ones I didn’t use because I got completely anal retentive and ended up making WAY better ones down the line (that match the invites and rsvp’s I later designed).

Old Ones:

New Ones:

The second page to these (hence the tie) gave the date, place and wedding website for more information. On the back of each card was a cute retro recipe card file I bought off Etsy.

See my point? Old ones – fine, but just, eh. The paper on the old ones is beautiful though. No way I was just recycling it. I knew these would be perfect for the vintage suitcase, ala Great Nana J, bunting banner. So I hauled out the old save the dates, my thrifty but wonderful paper cutter with funky cutting blades, a hot glue gun, scissors, twine (yes, I happened to have bulk twine at my house on hand), a paper punch and my Nana’s old suitcase I adore.

After much ado about nothing, sketching and cutting roughly 5 different C shapes, I came up with this.

Next, with the use of my hand dandy paper punch was the “A”:

Sparing you the incredibly exciting details of how I meticulously crafted the rest of the letters, or haphazardly cut them out while sitting by a warm woodstove, this was the final product. See if you can spot the mistake.

Yes, I cut out and glued down the R backwards. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t cut out the S backwards, at least 3 times, too. So if you’re at my wedding, and you later read this blog (or before) the answer is “I did not make the R backwards on purpose. I had a headache, but I kind of liked the mistake so I left it”. After playing around with a taut versus swayed look, I decided to go with taut. I simply tied the twine around the suitcase with a bow in the back. It gave it a nice rustic look, while being fully and easily adjustable.

I couldn’t be more happy with how this turned out. Once I was done, my headache was gone too. Maybe it was the one ibprofun I took when I came home, or maybe it was just some good old crafting therapy and a smile from Nana J. I’ll go with the latter.

Happy Crafting and Burger Eating,



3 thoughts on “When Burgers Don’t Help, Craft.

  1. Love it, so adorable! Great craftation 🙂 (yes I just made that up: crafting + creation hehe). How amazing are hot glue guns btw?

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