Etsy April Swagger : Between Wind & Water

It’s bbaaa-aaaccckk.

I’ve dropped the ball pretty hard on doing my monthly Etsy vendor shout-outs, where I go nuts over a certain vendors items and appreciate the shiznit out of them. I realized this was highly unacceptable. Mainly, because knowing me the ball I dropped was a croquet ball and I was wearing flip flops and now I have a bruised toe-nail. Second, because clearly knowing what I like is of vital importance to you; and C: and the real reason is because I love finding small vendors and giving them a virtual fist-bump.

The virtual fist-bump of this month goes out to Between Wind & Water.

Here’s the thing, I enjoy a good clutch. So much so that I’ve been sewing some for my own Etsy store.

So when I saw Between Wind & Water’s yellow leather clutch on the front page one day, I swooned. Now, some people might have an issue with the fact this is deer hide, but the reality is that I’m used to seeing a deer hung somewhere on our property once a year since my brother-in-law hunts. So for me, I like the idea of using the hide for something. Not that you’ll find me anywhere near the deer or tanning a hide anytime in the future.

The point is. This thing is ridiculously nice. And huge. I’m a sucker for huge bags.

photo copyright Between Wind & Water

Truth be told, I don’t work in leather myself but I am immensely impressed when someone can handsew it well. It’s not easy to work with, even something as soft as deer hide. So between their clutches and bags, and the quality you can tell from the stitching, I had to feature them.

Not into the huge yellow clutch thing? No problem. They have a nice mix of different color and different size clutches, as well as a couple gorgeous simple leather bags and some nice jewelry too.

Aside from their Etsy store, they have their own personal website which is rather fantastic if I do say so myself. As well as some of the bags on their Etsy site, their personal site has a few different ones.

Excuse me while I ogle the yellow clutch. It’s so perfect for spring.



P.S. As a reminder, no stores I feature offer me anything in return for writing a post. I write about things I like, simply because I like them. You can see more about my policies here.

January Etsy Shop Shout Out: Village Clayworks

Village Clayworks by Catherine Reece

I’ve mentioned before I have a thing for pottery, but this was a little different. It made me cringe, laugh and love it all at once. Catherine Reece is the artist behind Village Clayworks and she makes beautiful pottery and then paints it with little bugs and animals that you can’t help but adore—even if the bug is a cockroach or dung beetle.

Each piece is unique and adorable and at the same time made me furrow my brow going “what the heck?!” and I loved every single second of it. There are so many reasons I love Etsy, and finding a woman who can paint bugs that skeeze me out (cockroaches) into a bug that I think “that’s so cute!” is the kind of woman I like. I have to be entirely honest that I’m still entirely skeezed out by a cockroach painted on anything, but the fact this one is saying “hello” made me grin ear to ear laughing, and I would actually use it. In my home. That says a lot about Catherine’s ability and talent.

Her tagline is, “whimsical pottery for every day use” and I feel like that couldn’t be more true. I would also like to nonchalantly hand my guests an adorable mug with a dung beetle and a disgusting fact about them written in whimsical writing on it and see how long it took them to figure it out.

And while the bluebird makes me go “awww” since I made two similar blue birds to top our wedding cake….

…everytime I look at this bowl and the faces on the praying mantes I crack up. The lips slay me. They are the perfect goofy touch paired with these huge eyes. I showed Mr.A as I was laughing and he just looked at me like I was cracked out, and then reverted to watching YouTube video’s of Red Green (also hilarious).

Aahahaha. The mustache. Dying over here. I’m nerding out over this. If it had a single spectacle on it I would have a hard time not immediately purchasing it. I’m only barely doing so now. Thankfully I’m pretty good at controlling myself.

Literally every. single. thing. on her site is wonderfully charming and adorable and hilarious at the same time. I’m almost positive my reaction to these has nothing to do with getting up early and staying at work late.

Oh Catherine, I love you too.

I invite you to check out Village Clayworks you haven’t yet, and maybe make a beautiful cockroach or hilariously wonderful praying mantis a part of your home. As always, this isn’t paid or perked. Catherine has no idea I’m writing about her.

I fully expect all praying mantes to have red lips and/or mustaches from here on out.  I can’t stop thinking about them.

Much Love,




Etsy December Shop Shout Out: Art Paper Garden

It’s that time of month again!

No, not that one. We don’t discuss that one here.

Every month I’m featuring a shop on Etsy that tickles my socks, is my cup of tea, and makes me grin rainbows. This months Shout Out goes to a talented artist who paints my favorite animal ever – a cow. Don’t judge me, I just love the big bohemiths. So when I saw this months shop, I was overcome with perma-grin-syndrome.

Featured Shop: Art Paper Garden by Cari Humphrey

I sort of stumbled upon Cari. By stumbled upon I mean I specifically searched, “Cow Painting” just to see what would come up. I had zero expectations that someone would paint a picture of a cow.

Then again, I did find these Prince William & Cait press on nails, so I guess anything is possible. Though it’s not our featured shop I had to give a shout out to the creepiest and funniest item I have ever seen on Etsy, found on a treasury list.

Low and behold, searching “cow painting” turns up tons of oil and acrylic in the form of a cow head or body. It was Cari’s version though that stole my heart. I wouldn’t be the saddest person in the world if I ended up with a wall of 3×3 paintings of each of these. She doesn’t sell them in 3×3’s but that’s how I imagine them. Also – I’m not kidding. I already even know where I would put them in my office. I’m not that person with cow things all over the house. I might have one cow mug. But I would love these cow mugs of a different variety on my wall in the aforementioned way.

So which one’s my favorite? This little lady, Elise.

She may or may not already be the background to my computer. The answer to that riddle is that she may. She is. She is lovingly staring at me and making me laugh with her random cute nose and neon green cud.

Though I can’t afford the real oil painting of Elise, nor is she available on Cari’s other Etsy shop (which sells the original oil paintings), I may have to purchase a re-print of Elise to lovingly stare at me in my home. There are just certain little things that make people laugh and smile – which is what art is suppose to do (evoke emotion). And little Elise here, thanks to Cari’s awesome hand, does just that to me.

Even if cows aren’t your thing, check out the rest of Cari’s paintings, she has plenty of other non-cow related materials.

So thank you Cari for being an awesome artist, and for painting cows. You made my day. Elise is the best thing since sliced bread.

Happy Etsy Shopping,


Etsy November Shop Shout Out : Mudaliscious

I do declare, on this fourth day of November, that at the beginning of each month I am going to feature a shop I completely adore on Etsy. Since there is an un-ending list of stores that make me squeal with delight, this won’t be hard. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Etsy. I truly enjoy supporting small artisans whenever I can afford to.  What’s not to love about unique items and supporting small businesses? That’s rhetorical.

None of these stores have any idea I’m going to do this. In fact, they won’t know until I post it and notify them. Some of these stores I just love the look of the product, and some of the stores I’ve actually purchased from before. Per my little “no thanks” policy, I don’t take any items for free for review, paid posts, etc. All stores featured were simply found and loved. As this goes on, I may tweak it, interview the shop owner, etc. but for now – I’m just shouting out.

Now, onto the fun!

Featured Store: Mudaliscious

There are so many beautiful pottery shops on Etsy, I could write every month for a year just about them. Mudaliscious, owned by Wendy Turgeon out of Florida,  snagged my heart with one particular item.

Our relationship (me and the shop, not me and Wendy) began in pretty romantic settings. It was the well told tale throughout history of girl, warm blanket, computer & something with bacon on it. Ok, I can’t be confident bacon was involved, but I want to remember it that way.

I knew I wanted pottery on our wedding registry. In truth, and something I have not divulged yet, I am on a mission to slowly but surely replace every plate & bowl in our house with handmade plates and bowls. I want to hand pick every single one of them so Etsy is where I drool over these items.

My husband may be finding this out at the same time as you, though I’m sure I’ve mentioned it. But I mention a lot of things. He can’t be expected to remember them all.

The point is, I was simply oohing and ahhing everything I saw in the pottery section of Etsy- and then these measuring cups came into my life. You should pretty much picture me as that cartoon wolf with hearts coming out of it’s eyes. AAWOOOOOGAH!

They immediately got placed on our registry. There were a few things I was hoping we would get, and these were climbing the list. Frankly, if we didn’t get them I was going to buy them.

Since this fateful day, I have used these lovingly in my kitchen on a pretty regular basis and they are the shiz. You can regularly see them throughout a variety of my cooking blog posts. They just photograph so dang pretty.

I loved these so much I’ve since bought two more pairs for gifts for other people. With a simple request, she’ll even do custom measuring cups for you which I completely utilized. One of my friends lives near the ocean, so I had Wendy custom make cups for her in ocean tones.There was no extra cost either, which made me jump for beans. I hope she doesn’t read this. I haven’t given them to her yet.

Wendy has some great other kitchen items that make me smile too, like these bowls. I haven’t bought these yet, but it might not be long before I confiscate them. These would be perfect for using to measure ingredients out before baking, especially since I bake like I cook – on the fly.

Maybe these will help?

Or maybe I can fill them with ice cream instead.

So thanks to Wendy for being such an awesome Etsy shop owner, and for making a really great and useful unique item.

Again, Wendy has no idea I wrote this. The only product I’ve ever received from her store has either been gifted to me by one of my friends, or bought from her with my hard earned dolla dolla bills ya’ll.



Etsy: Handcarved Leaf Love

Once upon a time, approximately a month ago, there was a girl sitting around in sweatpants, with a ponytail on top of her head and no makeup a beautiful young princess who was oggling Etsy (just go with me on it, even Princesses must like Etsy) She came across a handcarved leaf bowl from an estate sale at A Garden Cottage. It was beautiful and unique. It was $10.00. She bought it, slayed an evil dragon, fell in love with a handsome prince, rode away on a perfectly white horse and lived happily ever after.

Good story, right? Okay, that’s pretty much how it happened.  I saw this and knew it would fit into our house perfectly. You know, the house I have pictured in my head that is completely renovated and beautiful (the house without mail all over the table, laundry to finish and dog hair e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  Hah, like that will ever happen). I’m trying not to buy too many things but if I see something that I *know* will work, I make it happen. No regrets. It will work perfect, dog hair, daily life mail on the table and all.

On that note, I hear Mr. A and powertools, I’m going to guess a planer. This must mean bookshelf progress. *super nerd jump in the air*. I must go sneak a peak.

Happy Etsy’ing,