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Fab Freebie: Modern Garden 2013 Calendar {And Also Oh My God You Guys Are Amazing}

You know when Taylor Swift gets super excited she does that face all the time? The one that looks like this?

photo from

photo from

Yeah, that’s how I pretty much looked/felt when I not only had a reader tell me she’s been following my posts forever but also when I looked at my Google Analytics and realized that I broke the under 10,000 page view per month. This last month is at 12,000+ so far and I’m totally floored – especially because I haven’t been writing as much. I don’t know who all of you are, but you’re amazing and fantastic and I love you to pieces.

To show you that love, I’m sharing the modern, fun, garden inspired 2013 calendar I designed for myself, for free. Free is pretty much one of my favorite words ever, and I love sharing things I design so here you go! I made this calendar simply because I couldn’t find one I liked so I got creative and made one. When in doubt – create.

This calendar can be printed either 8 1/2 by 11 or as a full on desk pad calendar. You know, those huge ones – though you’d probably have to have it printed at a Staples or Kinkos or something. To be clear, I didn’t design the images in the top left corner. They are from a purchased set from Shutterstock, though I did change the colors quite a bit. I’m going to admit it, Novemeber is my favorite picture/color scheme. Simply put, I love seagreen and I love potatoes. BOOM. November for the win.


If you want to see the whole shebang (if by shebang you are referring to the calendar and not a hot cabana man), you can download the calendar in it’s entirely below!

Modern Garden 2013 Calendar

Thank you guys again SO MUCH for being amazing and wonderful and encouraging me. Even when I realize my shirt is on backwards, moments after I receive the materials to prep for the Masters Degree entrance test. Yep. It happened.



It’s A Very Mooey Mooey Christmas

Let’s take a break from the house renovations, a break from the holidays, and a break from everything that’s going on in our lives we’re working on and smile at the photos of these cows up at the farm, from this past spring. The farm hasn’t had enough love here on the blog in the last few months, and these cows deserve some face time.


Cause they’re awesome.

Oh, and while we’re at it – if you click on any of these photos they will be full size so you can print them out and frame them, you know, if you want a giant cow snout somewhere in your house.

Merry Christmas and you’re welcome. Cow snouts are perfect.




Friday Freebie: Good Food Kitchen Art

Having a hearty meal with family and friends, filled with laughter, is something I equate with love. Some of my favorite memories in my life have been with family or friends surrounding a table, in someones kitchen. There is truly not much more in life one needs than good food, laughter, and love—at least in my book.

I also love designing digital art. I don’t have money for custom art, and I want pieces that mean something to me. What this means is I typically need to do it myself. I’m not an artist, and I’m certainly not a graphic designer, just like I’m not a photographer. That said, I love creating whether it’s with my hands making homemade pasta, through a computer or with my camera.

With the renovations underway, the “design and decor” section of this blog has all but been ignored. No more though! Over the next few months, until I have time to regularly add to it, I’m going to be putting up some free digital art for you guys.

Today’s free digital art is kitchen art, and it was inspired by what I want people to know about my home when they enter. To me the kitchen is the heart of the home, and from my own experience good people and good food build bonds. I hope you love this as much as I do.

To download the art, click on the link below. It’s an 8.5×11 (regular paper size) PDF, so it may take a moment to open for you. You can either print right from the PDF, or save the PDF to your desktop to print at a later time.

In This Kitchen There Shall Be Good Food – Download

If you want a different color head on over to Etsy where I have an option to customize these. I have a variety of colors you can choose from for the background, and you’ll also get a much higher-res file meaning you can print larger than 8.5×11 without distortion.

Here’s to good food, love, and laughter.



Tree Inspired Wedding Invitation Template

I have a big post coming soon, but don’t get too antsy. I am neither pregnant, nor have we started the addition. Those are hugemungeous posts. Also, we aren’t even trying for kids so that really would be a huge post, even more so. The point is – in the meantime while I edit photos, get them to size and get everything written up, I wanted to share something else with you guys.

High-five for free wedding invitation templates! After making the mason jar invites for our wedding, which you can download from me here, or get from wedding chicks, or have me customize on Etsy, I decided to get my design on and make a new invite.

Here’s the truth. Only the truth. And nothing but the truth. I consider myself as much of a designer as I do a photographer. In other words – I don’t consider myself one at all, in the least bit. That said, I love designing for fun and I love taking photos of non-people subjects. So when late last week I had nothing to do on my lunch hour I sort of started doodling. Then I scanned said doodle in. Then scanned doodle became invite. Invite became wedding invite and this is where we are today. As much as I call this a wedding invite, it could easily be used and colors changed for a variety of parties, from an outdoor baby shower to a backyard graduation party.

I purposely made these super duper simple. The editable parts include the text color and verbiage, the tree color, the heart color, and the background colors for each section. The tree and background white space has no color though (and isn’t color-able unless you finesse the template – but at least buy it dinner first). Simply download the PDF below, and follow the directions below to download Inkscape, as well as some of my editing tips for this particular invite. Also, sorry – I don’t have an RSVP card yet but I’m thinking about making one. If I do, I’ll throw an update at the top.


These items are for personal use only. No commercial uses or for clients. Reproductions must be attributed back to Like A Cup of Tea. Please see Creative Commons License below.

Editing Requirements:

  • Program to open PDF’s like Print2PDF or the like.
  • Vector editor like Adobe Illustrator (available for free trial) or Inkscape (free opensource vector editor – and what I used to design these).
  • Basic knowledge of vector/design editing.


The font used is called Rockwell, and as far as I know is pretty standard on most computers.

Tips (in Inkscape):

  • This is set up to 7 x 5.5, which is the standard size for the print your own invites you can buy at places like Staples. Go to Document Properties and change the page dimensions to anything you need. To make the drawing fit, select all and then hold shift and drag to the correct size. Since it’s a vector, everything will scale property without pixelizing.
  • If using Inkscape instead of Adobe Illustrator make sure to save as an Inkscape SVG, not regular, not eps, or you won’t be able to reopen it again (unless you install Ghostscript but that’s a whole different bag of tricks you can google about). Your best bet to print these is to select “Export” and save with a dpi of about 300.
  • Still confused? There are tons of tutorials on google and inkscape. It’s the easiest way (that my non-designer brain and plenty of research) knows how to do it. Have fun messing around with it. If you post your changes to your own blog, link back to mine so I can see them!


Happy Editing!




Creative Commons License
Tree Invite by Like A Cup Of tea is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Proverbs 31 Wall Art

I may have mentioned it before, or not, I don’t really remember – but I’m a Christian. You can take that however you’d like, but for me it means I believe in God, and I believe Jesus Christ is my savor. It does not mean I’m perfect, hah far from it. I swear too much, though I try not to. I’m stubborn. I don’t always go to church when I should. So please by no means think that me saying “I’m Christian” means I think I’m perfect and everyone else is wrong.

Nope. I just do what works for me, and what works for me is being a Christian.

That said, sometimes when something’s going on in my life I open my bible and hope for the best because I’m still figuring out all the good stuff in there. Around the time I got engaged I came across Proverbs 31 and loved it. It’s all about being a wife. Ever since then it’s been my favorite Proverb to date. For one, it resonates with me. For two, it resonates with me. For three, I just like it.

I thought about hanging it in my house but I didn’t want some plain text verse up. I like color. So off I went into my vector editing program (Inkscape) a few weeks ago, or maybe a month ago, I don’t remember at this point – and I made up two versions of it. One that was split and could be fit into two 8×10 frames, and the other which could fit into an 11×17 inch frame.

I thought I’d share it with you guys, just in case any of you want it too. So below you’ll find both versions. Either click on the photos below to see them full sized (and then right click “Save as” to save it to your computer) or the PDF file at the bottom of this post. If you want to edit it for personal use go for it! You just need to open up the PDF is Inkscape.

As far as the graphics go below, all of the white space around them is suppose to be there. I gave it a margin so it would look nice in a frame.

Now let’s be honest, I really like Inkscape. I’ve mentioned it before, but I am most definitely not a pro in it. I don’t even know that I can be considered intermediate. If you have never used a vector editor before like Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape, then I recommend either playing around until you get it or watching some tutorials. If you ask me, I can guarantee I’ll be of very little help. Just being honest.

8×10 Part I

8×10 Part II


PDF Download for Vector Editing in Inkscape/Illustrator