The Earth Day Door Yard

Since today is Earth Day, I decided I should give you a tour of our door yard.

When we first bought our house it had a lot of potential. By potential I mean it wasn’t taken care of. There was stuff everywhere and the grass was approximately 6 feet high in spots – I wish I was exaggerating. So when we moved in, the first things we did were to clear up the junk, and bushhog the grass (and to find out there were a ton of rocks throughout our yard). 3 1/2 years later we still have eons of landscaping to go but things look drastically different. I promise the photos below are actually of the same yard.

If your facing the house, this is the back yard to the left from the side of the house. Story with the hole below (where the collapsed deck is): the previous owners had an above ground pool they sunk three feet into the ground. It was collapsed when we moved in. So once we pulled it out with the truck and a chain we were left with a giant hole. It will eventually be filled in, but for now it serves great as a bonfire pit for all the brush and wood we find and aren’t able to reuse. I also rolled my car down the hill one day into that hole. Not on purpose of course, and Mr.A couldn’t figure out why I was driving on the lawn…until it hit the hole and he realized I wasn’t in the car. Nope, I threw the e-brake on to put some bottles in my car into the recycling and away it rolled. Hilarious now – not so hilarious then. My neighbors immortalized the moment by putting it in the annual Christmas calendar they make us every year. I’ll never live it down.