Chic’ Chic’ Chicken & Rice Soup

Chicken. Good.

Rice. Good.

Veggies. Good.

Writing? Not so good tonight.

Must shove mouth with food.

*Nom Nom Omfh Mm Grrrgg*

Chicken & Rice Soup

-tablespoon olive oil

-teaspoon white wine vinegar (sure why not, it was in the cabinet)

-2 cups zucchini, diced and seeded

-4 stalks celery, diced

-1 cup mushrooms, sliced

-4 medium carrots, diced

-2 large tomatoes, chopped

-garlic cloves to taste, chopped

-1 cup spinach fresh loose leaf spinach

-3-4 leafs basil (roll leafs up together with the spinach and rough chop)

-3 cups brown rice

So here’s the lowdown of what I did:

  • saute the carrots & celery first
  • add in the mushrooms
  • smell how good it is already
  • immediately appreciate your garden 10 fold
  • throw in the garlic
  • do it up with the diced tomatoes. so. so. good.
  • saute for another 5
  • water time: put it the rice, and then enough water to cover all the veggies and rice – plus a few more cups. Keep adding as it cooks down until there is enough broth for you. All the starchy goodness thickens it up. YUM.
  • throw in that wine vinegar
  • throw in the spices you want (bullion, salt, pepper, yadda yadda yadda – I’m addicted to fresh crushed cumin seeds  myself)
  • throw in the zuc’s
  • let it simmer quite a while
  • put in the parsley
  • throw in the spinach
  • let it go like…oh, 5 more minutes?
  • Totally and completely appreciate the simple things in life, like a hot meal.

I didn’t teach you how to make the dumplings, because we’re testing different recipes. This was my childhood recipe for starchy heavy dumplings – flour and water until its like a paste and then put spoonfuls in to boil in the broth. That’s it. There, see, I just taught you. Flour. Water. Pasty consistency. Drop in and let boil. Mmmm….

EAT UP.  This is so delicious and can be made with literally any vegetable you have around. It’s a great dish for using up whatever is in the garden, or the fridge.

OH – and the whole point of this: make up a dish for lunch the next day 🙂 Or two days. Or 5. Go nuts.



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