Last weekend we decided it was time to remove and upgrade our old oil heating system and take care of a couple other issues in the basement. We primarily heat by wood, and the oil system was just too inefficient and old to keep. Part of this reno/upgrade included removing a portion of our concrete slab. We have two chimneys, one which is of no use. Around the unused chimney the concrete was at different elevations, so evening it out was a must.

The first step was a trip to home depot to get a hammer drill to get the concrete out. We could have rented a jackhammer, but that would have negated getting a cool new Makita. Said cool new tool also came with a free grinder – kind of hard to pass up. After we got home I started priming more of the living room while Mr. A got to work jacking out the old concrete he had marked off earlier in the day. At this point in the photo below a lot of the heating duct work has been removed. This is Mr. A’s wood workshop, so opening up the ceiling and taking the chimney out will give a lot more room to work around. It’s normally much cleaner than this, but demolition takes its toll.

Slowly but surely the concrete came out, piece by piece.

Eventually, after many hours and many photos looking almost the same, Mr. A finally got all of the concrete out. I  ran out to Sherwin Williams to finish up the livingroom and came home to the chim-chiminey gone-gonzerama.

From the roof it looked a little like this, and has since been patched up.

I was a little late getting home today and laughed when I saw the concrete mixer the boys borrowed from the neighbors to put the new slab patch in. This thing was old, but it got the job done and worked like a charm. He’s banging on the top of it with a shovel at this point just to help loosen everything up.

Side story, see that window above? It’s a hinged wall. When we first moved in we  scratched our heads and couldn’t figure it out.  It’s since been secured and weatherproofed.  However, it was one of the oddest finds of the house. I’d love to know the back story to how that came into being.

Back to the concrete. Once the boys put down the proper barriers, they were able to take the concrete and pour the slab back in. This is as far as I took with pictures, but it’s all smoothed out and curing.

That’s that. Now we have more room in the basement and a much more even floor around where the chimney was. We’ll be installing a different backup heat system, as required by insurance but we won’t be going back to oil.


Happy Renovations,

Kenny Bloggins (that’s for you Mr. A)

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