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There is one thing about me that is highly predictable. Okay, one of a few things and that is my paint choices. I almost always go to safe tones for paint. We’re not talking beige  – we’re talking soft grays, soft blues, pale yellows, etc. Primarily, I love white walls with color in accessories. I am in love with Vintage/Cottage/Farmhouse Chic type decor. You know this:


However,  I also seem to be drawn to really bright paint colors:

 I’ve always been a fan of colorful accessories, but how would I really like having a bright wall? A few days ago I posted about a style change to our bathroom here. Part of this style change was to bite the bullet, stop being skirred and attempt the previously unattempted – a bright bathroom color. For some reason I couldn’t get this mustard yellow shade out of my head. When I walked into Sherwin-Williams and saw Brittlebush I knew for sure this was the color I wanted to try.

So I picked up a sample for $6.00, changed into my painting clothes and took a deep breath.


I can totally do this. At this point I look up and go, “holy sdfjksljdfsdfjsdf”. It’s bright, but I’m not sure I dislike it – so I keep going.

Ok, the more I go the better it gets. I do the entire ceiling, hang the curtain back up and eventually end up with this.

Man I need a longer shower curtain

Compared to 2010:

Totally different styles. Both good, neither totally me. To be honest, the bright bathroom looks great in photos, and I don’t hate it. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s cheery and I think if I saw this in person (outside of me doing it) I would totally love it. I think it’s definitely some peoples style.

The verdict?

It’s just not mine.

Here’s the thing, neither is the static white either.

What’s I’ve come up with so far is I like more muted natural paint colors, but brighter accessories. So what’s next?

I’ll let you know.

*update: I, after a week or so of living with it, cannot stand the bright bathroom. It actually makes me annoyed to enter because it is so *not* me. Thus, I am going to repaint over it and likely re-do the cabinet as well. That’s the glory of hot glue – it’s so easy to get up! It took about an hour, maybe less to paint the top strip of the bathroom. I’m still not sure what color I’m going with but that yellow has got to go!

Happy Comfort Zone Busting,


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