Drool Worthy Home Decor

This is pretty much how I feel when I find new online stores for home decor to look at. I’m likely the easiest person ever in the history of ever-ness to buy for. So when I googled “stores like One Kings Lane” and a site came up showing me similar stores to One Kings Lane and I went nuts over it.  Why I was googling “stores like One Kings Lane” was because I was trying to remember the name of a similar type store. For the record what I had been looking for originally was The Foundry. At this point that’s neither here nor there.

For whatever reason, I opened any and all stores that looked like glory to me and went to town. I now have three new stores to thoroughly examine and get giddy excited about—and that was only a couple pages in, when I made myself stop. My husband now has three more risks that I am going to buy something entirely un-needed.

None of these stores have any idea I’ve written about them, or am loving everything from their site design to their product selection. I needed to share these with you though, like yesterday


First, this is just fun to say out loud. “Bouf”. Second, this site has adorable home decor and attire for the entire family. I’m a fan of the one stop shops. I’m especially a fan of the fact that these show up in the lingere section of the women’s site. This just touches a Mainers heart. Practical lingerie. Hey, even if the top is a little number you gotta keep your feet warm!

Also, this sugar jar made my night. I would actually spent $23.51 for this. Why? Because it’s the most random price I have ever seen at an online store. Also,  it’s made from porcelain. This is an object that is the trifecta of design I love – rustic chic/quirky/anykindofceramics. I may need to add this to my collection of fantastic useless items. Nay, I refuse to call it useless. It holds sugar.  That makes it entirely reasonable to buy.


Three Potato Four

This store is adorable. What caught me first was the website design. It was like they said, “Oh lets make this for Heather.” and I was like “Hey Janet and Stu, good job.” and they were all like, “Our plan worked” and then I didn’t respond because I was too busy staring with googly heart eyes at all the house goodness.

Also, I don’t know Janet and Stu personally. I did read their “about” page though so we’re pretty much best friends now.

One of my favorite items from this store are these ceramic ruler pitchers for $16.00.

But then again, there are these old skeleton keys, 3 for $12.00.  I have approximately negative 12,520 ideas of what I would do with these keys besides make ornaments for the tree, frame one, put it somewhere clever to make something else look old, attach a house key to it if my best friend came to visit; so I really don’t need them. I want them.

Didn’t you know that’s what an adult is? “Adult: Someone who knows the difference between need and want.” Okay, maybe it’s not the definition, but it sure seems to be a part of it. The ants in the pants party need to settle down because my debit card is remaining firmly in my wallet.

Or until I find a reason to need a set of those keys.

Can someone make me a safe that specifically has to open with one of these? I will continue to brainstorm asinine reasons I need these until I can convince myself it’s true.

I could go on forever about all the different items there that make me smile. I must move on though.

The Brook Farm General Store

Great googly moogly indeed! I don’t care if you’re currently closed. I will be loving you from afar and once you open back up, you cute little Brook Farm General Store, I will buy from you. I officially make it a 2012 resolution to buy one thing from them. There, now I have to. I resolved to do so.

First. Bathroom items. I refuse to choose one thing. I would like to note I could use a book on housekeeping in general though, not just green ways.

Scratch that. I could use a housekeeper. Just a few times a month. Problem solved.

I also wish I could explain to you why their collection of brushes make me grin like a 7th grade boy at a dance who just got asked by the most awesome girl ever and now he’s dancing at an arms length apart to Boys II Men and considers it the best night of his life. How’s that for an analogy *polishes knuckles off*. To be honest, I think I just love the layout. If this was a print I would have it hung in my mudroom. The one that doesn’t exist yet. Until then it is firmly in my brain, and this non-existent print is a part of it. That hedgehog gets me every single time.

Here are a variety of other little doo-dads that made me smile. Mind you this is my version of window shopping, so I’m totally ignoring prices.


1. Postal Co. Notebooks   2.Gum Eraser   3. Square Notes  4.  Ebbtide Day Blanket  5. Steel Straws  6.  Ice Cube Tray  7.  Set of Four Clips  8. Breakfast, Lunch, Tea  9.  Light Cotton Shawl10. Weekender Bag 11. Braun Alarm Clock 12.  Woven Hamper  13. Wire Locker Basket 14.  Hammamm Towel 15. {hilarious} Organic Blue Goose

Oh unexpected google searches and online window shopping, how I love you. What are some of your favorite online shops you’ve come across?



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