Duck, Duck, No Goose

We’re in the mountains this weekend visiting my mother-in-law for mothers day. It’s really fun coming up here to take time and relax whether it’s writing a blog post, walking in nature, or laughing at wild life that wanders on in. This morning, while we were eating breakfast, this little lady trotted down from the pond and decided to greet us.

DSC_4388-01I had to sneak to get these shots out the window with my macro lens. Normally I only use this lens when I have a tripod since it has no vibration reduction on it, but I had to attempt to steady my hands, and not spook her through the windows. She waddled down, and then stopped and took a look at us.

DSC_4387-01Then she turned around, ate a slug, and waddled right back up the hill into the pond.

DSC_4389-02It’s the little things in life, I’m telling you.



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