Etsy April Swagger : Between Wind & Water

It’s bbaaa-aaaccckk.

I’ve dropped the ball pretty hard on doing my monthly Etsy vendor shout-outs, where I go nuts over a certain vendors items and appreciate the shiznit out of them. I realized this was highly unacceptable. Mainly, because knowing me the ball I dropped was a croquet ball and I was wearing flip flops and now I have a bruised toe-nail. Second, because clearly knowing what I like is of vital importance to you; and C: and the real reason is because I love finding small vendors and giving them a virtual fist-bump.

The virtual fist-bump of this month goes out to Between Wind & Water.

Here’s the thing, I enjoy a good clutch. So much so that I’ve been sewing some for my own Etsy store.

So when I saw Between Wind & Water’s yellow leather clutch on the front page one day, I swooned. Now, some people might have an issue with the fact this is deer hide, but the reality is that I’m used to seeing a deer hung somewhere on our property once a year since my brother-in-law hunts. So for me, I like the idea of using the hide for something. Not that you’ll find me anywhere near the deer or tanning a hide anytime in the future.

The point is. This thing is ridiculously nice. And huge. I’m a sucker for huge bags.

photo copyright Between Wind & Water

Truth be told, I don’t work in leather myself but I am immensely impressed when someone can handsew it well. It’s not easy to work with, even something as soft as deer hide. So between their clutches and bags, and the quality you can tell from the stitching, I had to feature them.

Not into the huge yellow clutch thing? No problem. They have a nice mix of different color and different size clutches, as well as a couple gorgeous simple leather bags and some nice jewelry too.

Aside from their Etsy store, they have their own personal website which is rather fantastic if I do say so myself. As well as some of the bags on their Etsy site, their personal site has a few different ones.

Excuse me while I ogle the yellow clutch. It’s so perfect for spring.



P.S. As a reminder, no stores I feature offer me anything in return for writing a post. I write about things I like, simply because I like them. You can see more about my policies here.

One thought on “Etsy April Swagger : Between Wind & Water

  1. I’m surprised I like this clutch so much, because I search etsy (and pinterest) high and low half the day practically to find stuff I like, 5% of the stuff I see, I like or love, and I have to say I LOVE this clutch, Thanks!

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