Etsy December Shop Shout Out: Art Paper Garden

It’s that time of month again!

No, not that one. We don’t discuss that one here.

Every month I’m featuring a shop on Etsy that tickles my socks, is my cup of tea, and makes me grin rainbows. This months Shout Out goes to a talented artist who paints my favorite animal ever – a cow. Don’t judge me, I just love the big bohemiths. So when I saw this months shop, I was overcome with perma-grin-syndrome.

Featured Shop: Art Paper Garden by Cari Humphrey

I sort of stumbled upon Cari. By stumbled upon I mean I specifically searched, “Cow Painting” just to see what would come up. I had zero expectations that someone would paint a picture of a cow.

Then again, I did find these Prince William & Cait press on nails, so I guess anything is possible. Though it’s not our featured shop I had to give a shout out to the creepiest and funniest item I have ever seen on Etsy, found on a treasury list.

Low and behold, searching “cow painting” turns up tons of oil and acrylic in the form of a cow head or body. It was Cari’s version though that stole my heart. I wouldn’t be the saddest person in the world if I ended up with a wall of 3×3 paintings of each of these. She doesn’t sell them in 3×3’s but that’s how I imagine them. Also – I’m not kidding. I already even know where I would put them in my office. I’m not that person with cow things all over the house. I might have one cow mug. But I would love these cow mugs of a different variety on my wall in the aforementioned way.

So which one’s my favorite? This little lady, Elise.

She may or may not already be the background to my computer. The answer to that riddle is that she may. She is. She is lovingly staring at me and making me laugh with her random cute nose and neon green cud.

Though I can’t afford the real oil painting of Elise, nor is she available on Cari’s other Etsy shop (which sells the original oil paintings), I may have to purchase a re-print of Elise to lovingly stare at me in my home. There are just certain little things that make people laugh and smile – which is what art is suppose to do (evoke emotion). And little Elise here, thanks to Cari’s awesome hand, does just that to me.

Even if cows aren’t your thing, check out the rest of Cari’s paintings, she has plenty of other non-cow related materials.

So thank you Cari for being an awesome artist, and for painting cows. You made my day. Elise is the best thing since sliced bread.

Happy Etsy Shopping,


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