Etsy: Handcarved Leaf Love

Once upon a time, approximately a month ago, there was a girl sitting around in sweatpants, with a ponytail on top of her head and no makeup a beautiful young princess who was oggling Etsy (just go with me on it, even Princesses must like Etsy) She came across a handcarved leaf bowl from an estate sale at A Garden Cottage. It was beautiful and unique. It was $10.00. She bought it, slayed an evil dragon, fell in love with a handsome prince, rode away on a perfectly white horse and lived happily ever after.

Good story, right? Okay, that’s pretty much how it happened.  I saw this and knew it would fit into our house perfectly. You know, the house I have pictured in my head that is completely renovated and beautiful (the house without mail all over the table, laundry to finish and dog hair e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  Hah, like that will ever happen). I’m trying not to buy too many things but if I see something that I *know* will work, I make it happen. No regrets. It will work perfect, dog hair, daily life mail on the table and all.

On that note, I hear Mr. A and powertools, I’m going to guess a planer. This must mean bookshelf progress. *super nerd jump in the air*. I must go sneak a peak.

Happy Etsy’ing,




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