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When we first moved into our house, I couldn’t decide what dishware to get. A big part this had to do with the house being un-renovated. Another part had to do with me having no idea what my style was. 3 years later, much of the house is still undone (but man you should see how good the yard and new garage look). I ended up with all white from target. It was clean. It was crisp. It would go with anything. It was, in a word, boring.

Over the last few months pottery has taken a real hold on me. I love that it’s handmade, I love that each piece is completely it’s own, and I love that pieces of different types can somehow look cohesive together. In particular I’ve taken a special liking to rustic stoneware. I like the look of the unglazed rougher items. I also like the glazed ones, but the ones where the paint isn’t perfect. It’s just so darn expensive though.

Last year Etsy came into my life and I took to it like a fish to water.  I love all the artists. I love the variety. I love the inspirations. I love helping small businesses or hobby crafters. I love everything about it. I also love being able to put things on my wedding registry that are completely and totally unique.

Ever since I started noticing how beautiful the pottery and ceramics on there are, I’ve been smitten. Multiple items have already been put on our registry to build out our rustic, eclectic mix of dishware.  While looking I found the mug below that screamed “my style”. It was aesthetically great for me, it’s the perfect size and it makes me feel “like a cup of tea”. It’s cozy, it’s warm, it’s cute and I can literally have tea out of it. Perfecto.

Stop. Drop. Back it up.

It’s $10.00 plus shipping?!

I got so excited I couldn’t even wait. I bought it on the spot. I picked it up from the post office today and I am completely taken with it. I love it even more in person. If you love it too, go check out The Potters Studio. It’s okay if you buy something on my wedding registry, I won’t be mad.

First, the details:

and of course, the whole thing:

Today it has hosted coffee. Hot water. Cold Water and now my favorite wine – Sutter Home Moscato. I’m classy. True story.

Now, get off of here and go scour Etsy for hours and hours on end. Want a challenge? See if you can find my “Like A Cup of Tea” treasury list!


One thought on “Etsy: Mug Love

  1. That’s a beautiful mug!! Which reminds me of hot chocolate and a work escape with you one of these days soon! Also keeping a look out for an open Saturday morning!

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