Fab Freebie: Modern Garden 2013 Calendar {And Also Oh My God You Guys Are Amazing}

You know when Taylor Swift gets super excited she does that face all the time? The one that looks like this?

photo from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/surprise-face
photo from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/surprise-face

Yeah, that’s how I pretty much looked/felt when I not only had a reader tell me she’s been following my posts forever but also when I looked at my Google Analytics and realized that I broke the under 10,000 page view per month. This last month is at 12,000+ so far and I’m totally floored – especially because I haven’t been writing as much. I don’t know who all of you are, but you’re amazing and fantastic and I love you to pieces.

To show you that love, I’m sharing the modern, fun, garden inspired 2013 calendar I designed for myself, for free. Free is pretty much one of my favorite words ever, and I love sharing things I design so here you go! I made this calendar simply because I couldn’t find one I liked so I got creative and made one. When in doubt – create.

This calendar can be printed either 8 1/2 by 11 or as a full on desk pad calendar. You know, those huge ones – though you’d probably have to have it printed at a Staples or Kinkos or something. To be clear, I didn’t design the images in the top left corner. They are from a purchased set from Shutterstock, though I did change the colors quite a bit. I’m going to admit it, Novemeber is my favorite picture/color scheme. Simply put, I love seagreen and I love potatoes. BOOM. November for the win.


If you want to see the whole shebang (if by shebang you are referring to the calendar and not a hot cabana man), you can download the calendar in it’s entirely below!

Modern Garden 2013 Calendar

Thank you guys again SO MUCH for being amazing and wonderful and encouraging me. Even when I realize my shirt is on backwards, moments after I receive the materials to prep for the Masters Degree entrance test. Yep. It happened.



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