First Asparagus Harvest

Hey friends! I’m so excited to tell you we had our first asparagus harvest at the end of last week. This was not only our first harvest from our patch, but the first harvest of the entire season. It was tiny at a full four stalks, but I can say there is a lot more growing.

Asparagus May (1)We started our small patch last year, and I always believed you had to wait at least two years before harvesting. Then, I started discussing it with my brother-in-law and researching it more. Multiple reputable sources were saying it’s actually okay and encouraged to harvest the first year. The belief is it may cause a denser harvest in future years. Whether this is true or not I do not know, but I was more than happy to test the theory and snap a few stalks off.

Asparagus May (5)If you’ve never had raw asparagus straight from the ground I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. I don’t mind asparagus from the store, but in comparison to the garden the taste just cannot be beat. Stalks from the store tend to be larger and need to be sauteed or steamed down to be tender enough. Straight from the garden, when picked young enough, asparagus are simply delightfully raw and taste similar to a fresh bean or pea.

Asparagus May (3)Here’s to hoping all the rest of the tiny little stalks will grow up at a similar time so we can have more than a few at a time. If we only get a few at a time though I’ll still be happy as a clam in a mud flat.

I love all things garden, harvest and more. It totally is worth all of the work that goes into planting, tending and weeding on sweltering summer days. Here’s to more garden updates as the season gets underway and many more nights of getting excited as I see little shoots of different plants coming up. No matter how long you’ve done this the feeling of watching a tiny seed slowly transform into your food never, ever, gets old.




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