First We Finished Our Floors, Then We Made A Mess, But It’s A Good Mess.

There’s nothing like beautiful finished floors, and then covering them up partially, bringing equipment up, and filling up the space with sawdust.

DSC_6365-01Much like we did in the living room Andy has milled the trim himself as opposed to buying trim, and just like downstairs the new floor was almost immediately covered in sawdust. This time around though we’re going with a simpler trim style. At first I was a little unsure but then I got put on sanding duty, realized how much work it must have been to create and sand the trim style in the living room, and ended up pretty happy it’s simpler.

DSC_6376-01We’re sticking with pine and a natural finish. No stain, no paint. Just good old danish oil and natural aging which will darken the wood up some.

DSC_6380-01Here’s a better photo of the trim profile, and installation.

DSC_6381-01We’re keeping the same trim style in all of the bedrooms both upstairs and down (and stairway window and closet at the top of the stairs). The only trim style that’s different is in the living room, but that’s fine because only the living room trim can be seen from the original house. All other trim is either at the top of the stairs, or behind a bedroom door. It all works together anyway, so no complaints here.

DSC_6393-01 DSC_6396-01DSC_6389-01 DSC_6391-01That’s about all we have for now. As of Wednesday night Andy had finished the trim work and was, according to him, “down to the baseboard”. Then he asked me “Who’s the boss?!” and about three minutes later I realized I should have answered, “Tony Danza”. I’m really quick on the uptake with responses.

On that note, I’m going to leave you with two things – a promise to update with photos of the baseboard, and hopefully painting, and definitely move in day, and this video.



P.S. I don’t understand why Andy said “I don’t think so” when I told him tonight that we should have had the Who’s the Boss theme song for our wedding song. It’s perfect. I encourage one of you to do so.

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