Framing the Field

We have this really pretty hayfield out back of our house which I completely love. I love sitting and staring at it while the dogs romp. I love walking in it. I love helping to hay it. Sometimes I wish I could frame it.  I don’t love the ticks but hey, it’s the country – you live with it and check often. That country song about checking for ticks is like a PSA for country living.

So when I saw this gorgeous wedding idea from a beautiful Montana wedding I quite literally gasped in awe.

(I lost the link to where this is from, maybe Style Me Pretty?)

Despite being someone who sort of stands there and scratches her head at all things wedding, I *knew* I wanted this frame wall to desperately be part of my wedding, and it’s a DIY project – obviously I’m in.

It was perfect. From inside of the tent, it would look like all the things I loved about our yard, from the hayfield to the garden, were framed. From the outside, it would look like all the people I loved were framed. I was bent on getting these for cheap, they had to be cheap. I could have flea marketed, but that would have taken forever and I needed to get on this.

So I set out last night after work on an adventure.

First, I ended up at HomeGoods. Okay, I wasn’t really looking for frames when I went there, I knew a quantity of them would be too expensive. I went anyway and miraculously left with nothing. It really might be a miracle. I almost left with a pale blue rustic but elegant rooster. Yep, elegant rooster. I said it. I’m not ashamed. It was awesome.

After a wrong town, a wrong turn and a realization that I initially was only about 2 blocks from a dollar store (palm into face), I ended up at a different one in a shady segment of town. It turned out however that they had some of the ugliest frames I had ever seen. They were perfect.

In the end, for $24 dollars (including tax) I ended up with roughly 20 frames of various sizes.

The next step is to spray them all white, so I better get on buying some spraypaint. Good thing I already know where the hardware store is.

Happy Crafting,


Psst – Oh, and yes, that is our floor – and yes, if you guessed there was a weird hump/wave in the floor your eyes are not deceiving you. There is indeed a speedbump in our floor. A four year old came over one day, jumped on it and proclaimed, “You have a bump in your floor!”. Sure do.  Also, let’s ignore the giant scratch. Me plus moving furniture equals wicked good at it. Good thing we’re completely refinishing these floors.


2 thoughts on “Framing the Field

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping the frames turn out awesome once painted (which I will update on). I figured the uglier and more ornate the frame was, the better it would look white – so I’m wicked excited to do this. By the way, love your website – it’s adorable!


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