Frosted Mason Jars

If you’ve been following my posts on the Mason Jar Lanterns for my wedding you’ll know that I figured in part one, out how to hang them (and that  it should actually be the last step) and in part two, how to give them color. Part three was testing out glass frosting on them. Since these are intended to throw light, the frosting would diffuse it more into a nice glow.

I can happily declare part three a success. Just like a cupcake or twelveteen of them, I want it frosted! I absolutely love how these came out.

This was the easiest step and could be done before any other steps, or by itself. It’s looks amazing on clear jars, and on colored jars.

Step 1. Buy this stuff:

Step 2. Read the back. Note temperature times. Then disregard them and figure “close enough”.

Step 3. Masking tape off any design or part of the jar you don’t want frosted. I tried a heart on the closest one. No really, I did. Look hard at the picture below.

Step 4. Go outside. Go back inside. Get your jars and frosting spray. Now, go outside again. This did not happen to me. Nope. Not at all. I definitely walked outside remembering everything and wasn’t distracted at all. Follow the instructions on the rust-oleum and go to town. See frosted on the right versus not-frosted on the left.

Step 5. Do a happy dance because you’re happy with how they look. Resist the urge to frost every glass item in your house.

Note: The green ones have bubbles because I got impatient and shook my mod-podge to mix the colors faster. It left little bubble marks throughout the painting but I actually kind of enjoyed it, it almost looked like it was part of the glass itself. So, if you want bubbles be impatient and shake the crap out of the color while mixing it. The bubbles will show through the frosting. If you don’t, be gentle, but what fun is that?

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