Getting Framed

We’ve been framed, and we like it.

The two end walls of the addition, which include our master bedroom and a separate bedroom, have been framed up. Every day it seems to come together and look just a little more like a home. I thought I loved the tree house feel and views from our old bedroom, but it’s amazing how much more I love the new view. It’s amazing what a 22 foot difference, and proper windows can do.

We still have some trimming to do on a couple trees, but overall we really love the view. It’s hard to truly show what it looks like. From these two windows we can’t see the house next door, but we can see our garden and barn, and the way the trees frame the sky when you look up is wonderful.

The center stud between the two windows was actually made up of the old rafters. They were 2×8’s but Andy ripped them down to 2×6’s. Even my neighbor, one who helped with the trusses, said, “wow! You really do reuse everything”. It’s true, Andy really does. The other day after cleaning up nails I pulled out all of the ones that were still straight or mostly straight, so he could reuse them. He didn’t ask me to, but I did just because I knew he would appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I really appreciate his hard work.

It turns out there’s another family member who is just as appreciative, and can’t wait for her new bedroom too. Let’s face it, it’s her bedroom and we’re just allowed to be part of it.

The things we do for our dogs.



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