Getting Hot In The Kitchen

For about 2 years our oven has been finicky. Sometimes it would heat up properly and other times it was pure hell doing all tricks we could think of to get it to heat up. These feats often ended in me slamming the front door to the oven and having bread totally ruined on my counter because it was overset.

This oven annoyance contributed to such delicacies as my failed cupcakes and my less than pitas. You would think we would have fixed this earlier. The thing is, it still worked enough – most of the time – to get things done. We learned not to start baking anything until the oven was hot, to do it all at once, and to make a lot of non-oven necessary dishes.

This week the oven officially crapped out. 100%.  It came to a head when I was going to make strawberry pie. I had to break the news to Mr. A the oven wouldn’t work so I couldn’t bake pie. I’m not sure who was more disappointed, him or me.

There are just some things in life that put you into action, and lack of strawberry pie put him over the edge. If only I had known that two years ago. Within 5 minutes of saying this I walked out into the kitchen to much banging.

After positively identifying it was indeed the igniter that was burnt out, Mr. A quickly went online and for $30.00 ordered a new one. No worries about gas leakage, the gas valve is triggered to open only when our igniter gets hot enough. Because the igniter never became hot enough, there was never any gas released.

Two days later the part came.

As he fixed things, the entire time he sang in an R. Kelly way about how awesome he was at fixing things. I told you, he’s incredibly modest. This fix was as simple as pulling out the old fixture, stripping a couple wires and putting everything back together.


It was pretty clear when he pulled out the old part it was the issue.

We tested it out and held our breaths.

It worked! It worked! Would it heat all the way up though?

We assembled everything, turned the oven onto 425 (pie temperature) and waited. As I was used to, I refused to start prepping until it hit temp. In about 5-10 minutes I heard the beep go off, I came in and the oven, well – this just about sums it up!


Pie! Our oven once again works beautifully. Absolutely perfectly beautifully. This is in no way reflective of how beautiful my pie making skills are. It was quite delicious though {recipe here}.

I’m happy my oven works again, and Mr. A is happy he finally received strawberry pie.

Happy Food Motivating + Hot Kitchens,


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