Gnocci + Goatcheese – Kind Of

I should really start staging my food.

I’m not so sure I’m a huge fan of Gnocci. There, I said it. I had homemade once and I loved it, but packaged, I don’t know. I think I don’t like it because I find it impossible to cook perfectly, and that frustrates me. I can also easily just eat a potato. I think I just got blacklisted by some people.

I came up with this dish last night and had high hopes for it. I won’t call this dish a Kitchen Fail because it’s not. It was good, but it just wasn’t “me”. I’m giving this to you in hopes that it’s more “you” and challenging you to really ramp it up to the next level. I’m not going to give exact amounts, because I truly feel there was too much goat-cheese. I can hear people close their browser on me now. Give me a chance, I mean, I REALLY over did it. I used over half of that stick (see photo below).

…and for the love of God, will *someone* please explain to me how to cook this stuff right. 1 minute too short – not done, 30 seconds too long, overdone.


  • 2 Packages Gnocci (or homemade if you know how to make it)
  • Goat Cheese
  • Fresh Tomatoes diced
  • Few good shakes dried dill (or fresh if you have it, mine is still baby dill with this 2011 growing season. uhg. different post)
  • Few good cracks of black pepper
  • Couple pinches of sea salt
  • Few cloves of garlic sauteed, or about a teaspoon of roasted garlic from a jar
  • One can artichokes rough but thoroughly chopped into bite size pieces


Due to my relationship with Gnocci, I won’t tell you how to cook it. Get a four leaf clover, some magic fairy dust, cross every limb you can while still standing and cook per the directions. Then pray, it might help.

Toss everything else in, mix up, and mow down.

It was good, I swear, it just wasn’t my favorite. It’s a texture thing, and a I-need-to-buy-different-goat-cheese thing. Give it a go, let me know how it works for you.

On a side note, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. So I pulled the bed away from the wall so I could wake up on the other side tomorrow. I’m 100% serious. Ok, that and I saw what I thought was another dog under my bed. Turns out my dogs winter coats are coming off in sheets. I have no idea how it ended under my bed, and I don’t want to either. All I’ll say is that it grossed me out, and that’s it after midnight and I’m a 10pm bedtime girl.

Tomorrow is going to be a rough day. Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Happy Cooking,




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