Going For The Gold

While we were outside the other day documenting the barn siding progress, you got a sneak peak of the Winnie & Primrose photos I took outside while playing. Since you guys have mentioned wanting some more photos of the dogs, I am more than happy to oblige. You don’t need much more proof that the dogs will always go for the gold when it comes to catching their favorite toy—even if they miss. They encapsulate “Go Big or Go Home” except they go big when they are already home. These goons are my favorite.

Side story – Rosie, also known as our trouble maker, has decided when I work out in the house she’s my buddy. When I do pushups, she licks my neck every time I go down. When I do squats, she motivates me by sitting in front of me for a head scratch on my way down. When I lunge she rolls over hilariously at my feet so I can scratch her belly when I get low, which makes me hold the lunge for a moment. It’s a no holds situation if I’m on the floor doing something. She will attempt to stomp and nibble the life out of me and I can barely continue because I’m laughing so hard. Don’t let this serious face fool you—from either one of them. I’m a little tired, so I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves. These two are out there.



4 thoughts on “Going For The Gold

  1. I love that you can tell which pictures you’re holding their ball near the camera! They have the exact same intent stare that my Ollie does when I’ve got his favorite green ball in my hand. :o) Oh, and Ollie is also my “workout helper”. It absolutely cracks me up when I’m trying to do pushups and he’s contorting himself to sneak his head under my face to get the best licking angle. I’m familiar with the stomp/nibble move while doing sit-ups as well. Aren’t dogs the best? I’m smiling now just thinking of his antics.

  2. I love the one of both of them taking off in a launch! And I also have to agree on the whole workout buddy thing too, sometimes I have to put Bella and Carson outside so I can actually workout. Their latest thing to do is SIT on the wii board and the wii will complain…”I have noticed a significant weight gain, what are you doing?…Rebooting, please step off the board…”
    But then of course, they both sit on the back porch and stare at me through the window with thoughts like “Mom, I could be sitting on the board fooling the wii in a 60 lb weight loss and giving you all kinds of kisses!”

    The husband sometimes just looks at me crazy when I would rather play with the dogs instead of helping him with whatever he is building/tinkering with outside. And he has even made a folder on the computer labeled: Anne’s random pictures. Apparently the pictures I attempt to take of the dogs are labeled random 🙂

    1. Hahahaha. I love that your hubby puts them in a separate folder. Thankfully we each have our own laptop! We both strongly dislike sharing our computers with each other hah. The dogs are crazy, but they are our crazy and we love them. They are actually both super duper sweet and cuddly too, but what’s the fun in writing about the fact that Winnie snuggles with me every.single.night. and stares at me until I let her up for snuggle time on the couch?


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