Growing Challenges

This year has been full of growing challenges, from starting most of our own seeds indoors in late winter, to learning a new technique for starting seeds called soil blocking (I’ll get into this in another post). There has been a growing challenge of another kind too in that I’m going to graduate school!

I’ll be starting in a week from today and I’m really excited to finally be starting this goal I knew I’d always go for. I’m nervous and excited and scared and excited. I know I’m not the best at handling stress but just reminding myself how blessed I am to even have the opportunity to get this degree keeps me humbled and driven. I’m going to be kept pretty busy between this class which is an eight-week intensive course, being in the peak of needing to get the garden going/weeding, etc., starting up summertime house renovations again, and planning my cousins baby shower. With all of that said, I’m still hoping to post here once a week. I’m going to stick to the Tuesday/Thursday schedule and hoping for 10am. Though lets face it, I’ve already blown that with this post. So let’s just say “Tuesday or Thursday, with a hope for Tuesdays.”

The other big thing is that Green Barn Soaps is going on hiatus for the next eight weeks. I will be open again after this class ends in July. I’m not sure I’ll be doing this with each class, but during this next eight week period I really need to take something off my plate and GBS seems like a good fit as it’s slow this time of year.

Finally, if I won’t be able to get a post up or if this schedule needs to change because of other challenges, I will be updating over on my Facebook page which you can get to by clicking here and will likely send out a tweet as well as mention it on an Instagram post (@likeacupoftea). As always I post on Instagram pretty regularly even when my posts here aren’t. Gardening and dog photos are pretty regular. Let’s be honest with each other though. I know you all come for the dogs and I’m guessing that’s why you follow me on Instagram too. I know you guys are suckers for the two yellow dogs. I am too, I can’t blame you.

Cheers to the next eight crazy weeks of my life! Notes of encouragement on here and Instagram will be so incredibly appreciated.




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