Guessing Game

I promise I’m going somewhere with this, just play a game with me for a second. It’s kind of like a guessing game.

If I showed you this painting, what type of person would you guess painted it? Go with your first instinct.

If you guessed an adult. An adult with a talent. You would be right.

What I told you this man was an art teacher? Maybe one who taught in the public school system, teaching art to students for 39 years.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised.

Now what if I told you that he painted these while he was 95% paralyzed?

I’ll give that a moment to sink in.

This artists name is Carl. He is the uncle to one of my friends. When asked about his fathers paintings, my friend’s cousin wrote me this, “He had a benign tumor in spinal cord in his neck which eventually left him paralyzed with only some very weak and very limited motion left in his left forearm and hand. That happened in ’06, tho the tumor was first discovered in 1979.”

What was that you were saying you can’t do? Carl-Up.

Much Love,


 P.S. I’ll be back with the Etsy Vendor Shout Out for February later this week.

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