Happiness Is….

Whenever I forget to live in the moment, which is ohhhhh all the time, I just have to visit the farm with my dogs. First off, a view like this will jar the grocery list making out of your head and straight into the moment.

If that doesn’t work, this should help.

Second, a crisp pear off of the tree will make you stop in your tracks. Nothing from the grocery store will ever taste like one of these farm pears.

Third, and this is my favorite, are the dogs. When the farmer borrows your trailer to haul some wood and him and the husband tow it home, just down the road and empty, hitching a ride is necessary. The only thing that makes riding on a trailer better is when it’s filled with hay and kids giggling in their Halloween costumes every year.

The only thing that makes a trailer ride better for Winnie  is – absolutely nothing.

So if you want to forget the 7,000 things that still need to be done, or where you left your keys, or what you want to make for dinner, or how on earth to get all of this primer off of your arm because you’re terribly messy when you paint…

Just go to a farm and forget the rest, just for a little while.

Happy Happyness,


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